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How do I read engine light codes

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  1. HEATHER89

    Hi, I'm a new bike owner. I have a 2007 yamaha v-star 650, and my engine light is on. I found the fuel shut off wires broken. I fixed them and the light is still on. Does anyone know how to read the codes or turn off the light? I've tried cycling the key and and disconnecting the battery but no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Joe

  2. pedapillj

    When you turn the key on the check engine light comes on for 1-1/2 seconds then goes out if there are no trouble codes set. Most of the very few trouble codes are generated by disconnected wiring.

    If any trouble codes are set, when you turn the key on, the check engine light comes on for 1-1/2 seconds, goes out, then blinks the codes. Then the light stays on until you turn the key off. The codes cannot be reset unless the problems are corrected.

    Broken solenoid leads set trouble codes 57 or 58 depending on which carb the leads are broken off. Rear is 57. The leads will break off at a lug that the solenoid windings are soldered to. If you very carefully dig out some of the rubber that seals around the lug without cutting the coil windings you might be able to solder the leads back on. New solenoids cost around $150 each.

    If all fails you can attach a 10 ohm 1 watt resistor between the broken lead and the carb body, this fools the bike's computer. Been there, done that.

  3. HEATHER89

    Darn! I tried soldering but the light still comes on. Im assuming the long blinks are 10s and the short blinks are 1s giving me the code 57. Im gonna try that resistor idea to see if it turns the light off before i buy new solenoids. Thanks for the help

  4. zleebjzal

    Did this just start? Dont laugh but check your speedo cable , make sure it is not loose

  5. HEATHER89

    Checked the speedo cable. It was good (what would that do?). Where can I get one of those resistors at?

  6. pedapillj

    Radio Shack sells them.

  7. cwhiley73

    Hey, need to revive this thread for a question.

    Last night my speedo cable came loose at or-stand-do-you-use\" class=\"ymln\">the front wheel. Naturally my speedo stopped working. Well I stopped on the side of the road and re-connected it but no go - I must have damaged the cable somehow. Then My yellow check engine light started blinking on for a couple minutes, then off again, then back on, all the way home.

    Is this caused by my speedo cable problem?

  8. webster98

    on cars the way to "reset" engine codes is to disconnect the battery for about 5 minutes then reconnect it.

    that will reset everything and any new codes you see will tell you where to look, some codes dont trigger right away and need to show a fault at least twice before the light stays on and once on they often wont go off untill you reset it with the fancy tool or disconnect your battery long enough to let the codes reset

    i would assume it works the same for bikes

  9. webster98

    New solenoids cost around $150 each....

    heck, i saw a whole complete set of carbs on ebay going for that much

  10. quicgmicg

    From the 1100 Knowledge Base....

    You can remove the solenoids entirely, but there are several things you will need to do:

    You will need to insert a bolt in the hole from which the solenoids were removed - the 8mm socket head fits fine, the head fits into the recess in the carb. An 8mm x 5mm (thread pitch of 1) will be perfect & I think it looks better than the big brass plug. Even better, I can order the correct screw & gasket to fit. I made a wire harness by cutting the wires about 6'' from the solenoids. Then soldered each wire to a 39 ohm resistor (or 33 ohm OK too) and then put the other end of the resistors together and soldered a wire on , put a eyelet on the end and grounded it. I used the screw on the valve cover for the ground. (Note: Resistors from Radio Shack - in the Drawers $1 or less each).


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