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How can you tell a make of a bike

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  1. yeffcox8

    A few of you have been asking for me to post a picture so here she is, I'll just worn you she is kind of rough right now but I know with a little TLC I'll get her back up and running.

  2. flazh680

    Do me a favor Look on the right side of the gooseneck/ steerhead. there is a tag and should have the VIN number , also check the right side of the engine and check if they have the same number. That does have 3 exhaust pipes correct ?

  3. yeffcox8

    Yes the same number is on the gooseneck as well as the engine. It has only two exhaust.

  4. yeffcox8

    I was wondering would a 1978 Yamaha XS battery box, work for my 1981 Yamaha XS?

  5. flazh680

    Yes the same number is on the gooseneck as well as the engine. It has only two exhaust.
    Its not right

    a 4r3 is a triple should have 3 pipes coming out of the head but only 2 mufflers ..

    double check the number on the gooseneck

  6. tunc

    hey yeffcox8 and flazh680 can you start a new thread in the vintage vineyard to continue the conversation
    might be a better place other than the new rider section


    Here is a link to a site that will tell you all about it. Check the links on there too. It should be a pretty fast bike. just be easy on the power tell you get some experiance. I just googled the model number on here and this is one of the links. Good luck.

  8. DJinNH594

    Also Check the Fuse block should be under the seat. Chances are the connections are corroded and maybe even broken . You can get a basic fuse block from radio shack for about 3 dollars and wire connectors too more than likely replacing Fuse Block that should be first and foremost on that list,
    I replaced the fuse box on my 1980 XS1100 Special last year.

    You can find all kinds of information about restoring these old bikes and finding parts here:

    I would have been lost in rebuilding my XS1100SG since I am not a mechanic. That site helped me a lot. Don't worry about it being mostly 1100's, they have info for the 850's. Just ask and someone will come along to help who has been there, done that.


  9. kedowerid

    I'm somewhat mechanically inclined when called on to be but new to tinkering w/ bikes I definitely am ignorant of OFFICIAL names of that thingie there and that twisty looking bit here and the part that does this and goes that way and makes it do such and such.. all i need is proper resources and I'll dig in and make myself an expert - at least as far as i'm concerned ..

    imagine my delight when I came across an awesome site that provides parts for Yamas (and makes) from the brake peg cotter pin to a clutch assembly. the BEST part about this company's site is that after you've selected the specifics of your bike make/model/year you then get to select from a long list of sections off your bike and abbracadabra! it pulls up a 'map' of that section with little numbered arrows pointing at each bit and piece and an ordering list telling you exactlly what each bit and piece is actually named. I might not know the name of a part were I to call a supplier on the phone but i sure can pick it out on a 'map' of my bike!

    they list 1963 as furthest back on Yamas.

    fyi.. they also have atvs, lawntractors, etc..

  10. quicgmicg

    Babbitt's is a great research tool....



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