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Homemade Highway pegs

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  1. Jonezgniwez

    Hello all, I am a new 1300 owner and new to the forum. I just wanted to say howdy and share the high way pegs I built. I am 6'4" tall and I like the floor boards on the bike but I needed to stretch out a little when cruising. I made these from 1/4" aluminum plate and solid 1 1/4 aluminum rod. I tig welded them all together and then abrasive blasted. I then coated them with the Dupli-color black bed liner aerosol for color and a little grip for the boots. They give me just the right angle and leg stretch to be really comfy. The bed liner matched the frame paint and with the blacked out motor, they almost look factory. They may appear to look like they would drag in the corners so I purposely designed them to keep them off the pavement.

  2. auzzie808

    Is that a bullet hole in your tank? Tough neighborhood!!!
    The pegs look good.

  3. wzdar6

    those look good to me!! at least no one has any like them. i'm sure they will get a few questions when out on a ride. i've been thinking of how to mount some pegs. i just don't like highway bars.

  4. ttt153

    Welcome to the forum.

    They look really nice. Well done!

  5. Jonezgniwez

    I would be glad to remove one and take some more pics with dimensions after work. I will have the wife click a pic with my foot on the boards so folks can see the actual use too. They really changed my personal comfort but that may just be a result of a couple of knee surgeries.

    Also THANKS!! to all the folks on the forum. All the knowlkedge that is shared has really helped me as well as educated me on how to take care of my Star. I admit I am leary of modifications and am always looking for someone who has been there done that.

  6. wzdar6

    thanks for the pic. i would like to see how they look with your feet on them!


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