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Hola From Central Louisiana.

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  1. Chop60

    Just a snippet about me. I just bought my first bike, a 2000 yamaha v star 1100 classic. I go on the 15th to take my motorcycle endorsement. I grew up riding dirtbikes and atvs but this is my first real bike. I enjoy motorcycles and radio communications. Hope to maybe learn a few things around the forum. Thanx for having me.

  2. retzdaret

    Welcome from Georgia. You will enjoy it here. Ride safe!

  3. yhoower

    Welcome to the forum from MN.

  4. wildcatf5

    Welcome from North Texas!!

    Enjoy and Ride Safe!!!

  5. quicgmicg

    You picked up a great bike! Make sure to stop in the 1100 section down below. We're there to help you with any questions you might have about your new bike..


  6. CrusinLEO50

    Hello from Texas neighbor!

  7. micg10

    welcome to the family. great choice in bike, you won't be disappointed.

  8. Mondj

    Welcome, Chop60. I lived in DeRidder for over 20 years and managed a Honda dealership there back in the early 80's. Welcome to the forum.

  9. alvrmcuzn

    Welcome to the forums, nice folks here with good info and friendly mix of people, rides and interests.

  10. BikRet

    Welcome from So. Florida, ride safe and enjoy the bike.

  11. SemberFiDavk

    Welcome from Middle Georgia !

  12. Shebhertezz

    You might want to consider taking a safety course. Riding on the mean streets is much different than off road. Or at least get the Ride Like A Pro DVDs.

  13. coukar4

    Welcome from NW Arkansas.

  14. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from Southern Maryland.

  15. yhennlj

    Welcome from South Georgia!!!

  16. mole1

    Welcome from South Carolina! Ride safe and keep the shiney side up.

  17. tunc

    welcome to the forum
    from downunder

  18. yajare

    Welcome, from Ontario, Canada...............

  19. zmogejyoe

    Welcome from Illinois, enjoy and be safe!


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