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  1. Rop123

    Has anyone installed "highway pegs" on their 950 Tour model? If so, which ones?

    I'm considering it but would want a set that would mount on the 1-1/4" OEM Engine Bar and be horizontal (to the road) when unfolded (in use).

  2. Cabri103

    Rob I have the Kuryaky Adjustable Highway Pegs. on my Bike I also have the OEM engine guard I have the pegs located right at the outside bend on the guard. It takes a bit o fiddling and I have my left peg a bit higher than the right as i like to rest my heel on the footrest with my forefoot on the peg. cant do that on the left tho as the peg would get in the way of the shifter. but they are extremely adjustable so finding a position that "fits" you is pretty easy.

  3. Rop123

    They have lots listed....which ones did you get (#?) and any pics??

  4. migera25

    I got the kur. part no. 7976, but I have the cobra freeway bar. I must say these look excellent on the 950. Plus you can adjust them a million ways and they look expensive, one of best add ons to date.

  5. yyaj69

    Has anyone installed "highway pegs" on their 950 Tour model?...

    Rob, check out this thread:

    08 Raider excellent condition -V&H 2in1 - PCV/autotune - BAK

    You'll find pictures of our bikes and I think Cabri103, FormerFuzz, Hrnemesis, Zoom and myself all have the same pegs in different configurations on our bikes.

  6. Sitevalg

    I had a Cobra bar and adjustable pegs on my last bike. I even found out one peg too late that you have to use lock-tite on the things to keep them from falling off.

    So on this bike I am doing something different. I put on a Lindby multibar which has built-in bends with footrests that are just above the brake and shifter.

    I prefer not having those pegs stick way out- just don't like the look.

  7. Rop123

    I began "playing around" with pegs and extensions and fit.....kinda came to the decision that they're not for me. Seems like too much of a stretch for me to be comfortable........oh well, it was a nice thought anyway.

  8. HenrjD

    I saw some "highway pegs" that bolt to the bottom of the floorboards. Have you looked at those or considered them? I am thinking that may be what we have to do with the wife's ride, if we add another foot position.

  9. TheGoltj

    I've been considering those, but my issue with them is whether they'll clear the road when you lean enough to scrape the floorboards. Not that I scrape often, but for those times I do, I'd hate to do a pirouette around a highway peg.

  10. nu2w329

    HenrjD, TheGoltj, I installed the Kuryakyn ones that attach to the bottom of the floorboards. There are others, but I went with these since you can move the postion of the pegs mounts and pegs into different locations. Not sure if you saw this post or not from me awhile back with pictures, but just incase, here's the link if your interested.
    Blue Angels


  11. rekkae3

  12. Rop123

    One of the problems I see is that the OEM engine bars are angled forward instead of straight out or angled back. So the bars are even further out than typical engine for shorter riders there's more need to extend them way back in order to be able to reach them.

  13. TheGoltj

    Now those I like better than the Starpegs I was considering. They look like they're well up and out of the way, yet very accessible for cruising. Thanks!

  14. HenrjD

    Those board mounted pegs are sweet. Thanks for the link nu2w329.

  15. Cabri103

    They have lots listed....which ones did you get (#?) and...

    here they are


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