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  1. bill2458

    Do you have to install an engine guard in order to put on highway pegs?

  2. tunc

    not having a 950 but looking through the pics in the 950 show your ride there is both options
    sure a few will tell you of the different typs /brands for what your after

  3. recumpendpop

    Most of the highway pegs I have seen are mounted on engine guards.

    I have seen people that mount them on the front end bottom of the floor boards but with the 950's dragging the floor boards pretty easily I don't think that would be a good option.

    On older Yamahas I have seen a square bar bolted to the frame with highway pegs on the end of the bar.

  4. micg10

    Do you have to install an engine guard in order...

    welcome to the family. if you shop around you will find some that mount to different places such as the front of the frame, i've also seen them mounted near the floorboards but predominately they are mounted on engine guards.

  5. yhoower

    Kuri makes a floorboard highway that's suppose to fit the 950. I just can't remember what site I saw it on. Check the Kuri site and see if you can find them.

  6. nu2w329

    Here is the link to the Kury Floorboard Pegs:

  7. TheGoltj

    The problem I've got with the Kury stuff is that the mounts are sold separately from the pegs themselves. Not normally a bad thing, but at $170 for just the mounts, it's one heck of an expensive set of highway pegs by the time you buy the pegs themselves to go with the mounts.

  8. kdbrich72

    I've been very happy with my lindby bar. I tried some pegs on my last bike but they just never really fit very well and kept slipping on the engine guards I had.

  9. BikRet

    Try check the kuri site for the adjustable mustache bar. I'm not 100% if it fits the 950 but its worth a shot. I don't know who mechanically inclined you are, but you could always fabricate one, its not very hard and that's what I did and I'm happy with the outcome.

  10. rick970

    i'm having trouble finding the "perfect pegs" aswell .. im thinkin about gettin my cousin who knows how to do a little metal working to customize me some .. i've purchased a few different ones online, but they just dont get the job done

  11. fourechodog61

    I'm cheap. I put 2 small pieces of aluminum angle on the bottom of my floorboards that stick out from the corners. I can prop my heels on the edge of the boards and they don't slip off. It's very simple, I'd have to put up some pictures for it to make sense, but it costs almost nothing.

  12. Goadlocger69

    Here is another inexpensive option

    Or homemade ones in this post

  13. sbarnes634

    Does the extension touch down before the scraper pad?

  14. Goadlocger69

    Does the extension touch down before the scraper pad?...

    From the first link
    Final Thoughts:I was concerned about the pegs dragging when folded...

    And the second

    Actually thats the first thing I tried after they were mounted. I leaned the bike as far as I could and they never scraped. The bottom scrape stud sits lower than the bolt holding them in place.

  15. jamahadim

    I have the Kuryakyn floorboard mounts. Love 'em. I personally don't like the look of engine guards so I went with these.


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