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HIGH idle !

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  1. vanguy19

    Hi guys, looking for some help here if possible.

    I washed the bike paying pretty good attention to everywhere as it will be storage time very soon, using a regular hose and spray nozzle set on "sprinkle". Dried all areas where i could reach or fit my hand in with a terry cloth/chamois.

    After she sat for awhile, I decided to go for quick ride to "blow off" residual water sitting in cracks, crannies and so forth. BUT, she doesn't want to come down from a real high idle??

    Changing gears don't help, pulling clutch in really doesn't change it either.

  2. BikRet

    Did you by any chance twist the idle screw while washing or drying? Or maybe its the choke binding a little bit. Try checking the cables and looking for anything that can be stuck in the throttle linkage. Hopefully it's something simple.

  3. vanguy19


    I had gone for a three hour ride the night before and had no problem23s.

    I do not think I messed the idle screw up. I took the rubber cover off the starter chokes screw cap and possibly the spring under the screw cap had come out from under the cap. Not sure if I did that or not. (I had not ever turned the screw cap)I will buy a new one as this particular spring was stretched anyhow.

    Anyhow, I unscrewed the cap, took the spring out and screwed the cap back on. Played with the tightness of it untill pulling and pushing on the handle felt the same as before, but this didn't help the problem23. I think all that spring is for is to assist the choke to catch in the grooves.

    Also, I watched both throttle cantilevers and they move the same time and I can see the front one snapping right back to the stop. The revs stay up for about two seconds, then come down. There's also every now and then a small backfire or louder pop than normal.

    Too make it more real, think of rolling on the throttle quickly (choke disengaged and bike warmed up) and you would normally hear:

    Highest revs
    |- -|
    . Nice and smooth up and down in rev's.

    What I hear is:

    Highest revs
    |- -|


    Smoothly up, but stays up for about two seconds then comes back down. Its almost exactly like if you have the choke fully open on a cold bike, start the bike and roll on the throttle.

  4. BikRet

    The only advice I can pass to you now is what the dealer told me "We found some sediment in your carbs and cleaned those out and lubed everything to move freely." I had the same problem23 after my first time being caught in the rain, also had a small rodeo style dismount in mid-turn that may have helped. But mine did the same crazy idle thing and I had to take it them and after 2 weeks of me bitching them out I finally got it back and it ran good. Also somehow and still a friggen mystery to me I got an email from a couple in Arizona that had the exact same problem23 and got the exact same response from the dealer. I lived in Pittsburgh and hadn't been on any forums or anything like that, other than leaving nasty feed back on the dealers website.


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