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hi folks!

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  1. Abozdle146

    just thought id say hows it goin, just registered today. i got myself a yamaha 250 v star 2 weeks ago, and of course, had to find a forum for it =P if your wondering why a 250??? well, i like smaller bikes =] there fun!

  2. MigejCojode

    Welcome and Post often!

  3. tillikaff

    Welcome to the forum.
    Good Luck & Good Riding

  4. Abozdle146

    From one new member to the next welcome to the forum. If its your first bike good pick to learn how to ride, but if not do you have problems with semis and wind blowin you around on the 250?
    hello! naw, not my first bike, i owned an old yamaha 750 3 cylinder (inline) as well =P that one was fun too cuz it was pretty light. no, i dont have a whole lot of issues with wind and semis like everyone always complains about... its not as bad as everyone makes it seem. sure, you do get pushed a little, but honestly not that bad at all. i just love lightweight bikes =] haha

  5. nlokodeda19

    Welcome from california

  6. Rocgj1

    Welcome from Oklahoma!

  7. ft38278

    Hey, welcome from Maryland, post a pic of your bike. Search around there's alot of info to be found here and alot of answers to questions can be found as well. Ride Safe.

  8. Abozdle146

    thanks all! ill be posting up some pics as soon as i get those hideous mirrors that the 250 comes with off haha. i ordered some nice chrome mirrors a few days ago, along with some chrome grips =] so ya, as soon as i get those on the bike, pics will be up

  9. wzdartan

    Welcome from St. Louis, Mo. Good for you! Be it a 250 or a 1800, if you like it that is what counts. I hope you enjoy it! Look forward to hearing more from you.

  10. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from Maryland.
    It doesn't matter what you ride, just ride!!

  11. nevzdarriter

    Welcome from Indiana, I had a GZ250 before my 650 custom. Gas mileage was awesome. See you out there

  12. retzdaret

    Welcome from Georgia. Ride safe and have fun!

  13. Jonezpoj

    Welcome to the site and ride safe.

  14. vgink18054

    welcome from arkansas.
    my motto: ride what you like and like what you ride.
    If a 250 is what you like, well good for you.
    post pics and let us see it.

  15. micg10

    welcome from australia, who cares what you ride, if you like it, ride it!
    cheers mick

  16. tunc

    welcome from me as well


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