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  1. chilitavk

    Hey guys, I joined this forum for a reason, to find out from those that really know "how well a Vmax handles", I know how fast they are, I know how badass they look. I've beeen riding for 35 years and I've had all kinds of bikes but never a Vmax and now that my self built '82 goldwing is on it's deathbed and probably can't be saved I need your input, OK, I know some of you cards are gonna tell me "it'll handle a whole lot better than yer GW" this I know, but will it handle like the '93 monster that I left in Blighty 10 years ago when I moved to Texas, 'cos it's only in the last few years I found out that all roads around here ain't straight and I want to have some real fun again, I'm looking at a 2001 carbonfibre model for $5K, 15K miles, help me out here, please.
    EDIT: Hey don't consider me a newbie, try to think of me as coming back into the fold, my first ever bike was a YDS6.

  2. ROB2

    Welcome to the forum, the Vmax wont handle as good as your GW without some mods,its a straight away TQ monster,my mods were Progressive springs, radial tires (need to purchase a rear rim),dropped the front forks in the triple trees 1 inch,and got rid of the stock seat one for comfort and 2 to lower the center of gravity,not that i want to see you go anywhere else,but, if you want to talk to some real Vmax Junkies goto a couple of them bounce in here, but for the ins and outs ,ups and downs and beyond, those fellas live eat and breath VMAX,i know cause thats where my Max grew up...LOL, and they are one heck of a good bunch,and there is enough info for ya for quite awhile.later Rob

  3. maxcruizer

    Hey chilitavk,

    As an owner of vmaxs for the last 10 years (a 96 and a 06), I can tell you this, The stock vmax is not as bad as the media has made it out to be, but remember it was designed in 1985 and only underwent some minor changes over the years.

    Depending on how much you want to spend in mods will determine how much better this bike will be, but let's say that with some minor changes, the max can be a very acceptable handler with alot of power.

    Starting from the front;

    Progressive fork springs (1.5" lower than stock) and 15wt oil - $100
    EBC HH brake pads (front & back) - $50
    properly torqued head bearings - free
    solid motor mounts - $100 - makes the engine part of the frame structure
    Progressive rear shocks (stock height)- $200
    Good quality tires - properly inflated
    Lowered front seat - 1-2"

    The above will make the max a respectable cruiser that handles well.

    Now, for superior handling, all the above and;

    Radial tires - need to change stock rear rim - cheapest - $650 plus tires
    Frame braces - $250

    It just depends how well you want the max to handle. Mine has been upgraded with all the above and handles extremely well for a 600 pound sit up cruiser.

    Check out for alot of info on the vmax - alot of tech info on that site.



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