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  1. Shebhertezz

    Ok here's ONE of my confessions...noobie ski-doo rider...for the sake of this forum let's say it was a Yamaha...

    I was in my late-20s and one of our friend's brothers got a new ski-doo for Xmas. Asked if I could ride it (I didn't even have my driver's license then - didn't get it til 29 - when you live with mass transit who needs it!?). Got on it, revved it but nothing happened...kept revving it...and just as it took off - and did it ever take off! - my friend ran after me as I headed towards his brand new car. I panicked and managed to steer it away but towards OUR car (OK husband's). It ended up underneath the rear end but there wasn't TOO much damage to either vehicle. But boy did I feel awful.... (but probably not as bad as Sushi Rider racing through his house!)

    I hadn't thot of that incident til Sush Rider shared his....any other confesssions out there!?

  2. targwzdar

    So yeah, my dad had a Suzuki C60 about a year or so ago. My family went down to southern IL to visit him that summer and I convinced him to let me ride his bike "as long as you don't wreck it boy." So I take the bike for a cruise down in the river bottoms and back up to town. I was gone for about a half hour or so. Got back and my son Briar, comes running up to me asking me to sit on the bike with me. So I pick him up and we sit there talking to my dad for a few minutes and then decide we want some lunch. So I set Briar down and watched him run after his grandpa feeling like a proud parent. I swung my leg over the back of the bike and got off when I realized, as the bike fell, that I had forgot to put down the kick stand. My dad looked back at me and in the most loving voice he could muster, told me to go home lmao. I felt really bad as we picked up the bike, but surprisingly enough, dad was laughing at the irony of it all.



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