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  1. Ucfoodpall65

    Sup guys, i am in the process of gettin a vstar 1100, and just had a few questions.... I am a bigger guy, i am 20 and around 6'3 260 and i dont know much about motorcycles just yet and Is a 1100 big enough to haul me around and is it a good starter bike? also i was wondering what is a good set of exhaust, i have been readin posts and i hear cobras aint a very good pipe but sounds good, so any info would be much appreciated! thanks guys

  2. khunder102

    Sure, the 1100 is big enough to haul you around. I am 5'11, weigh 220, and I have no problem 2-up with my wife (who is significantly lighter than me) on my 1100.

    As for the 1100 as a starter bike, I'd recommend a cheap bike in the 650-750 class to get the awkwardness and early spills out of the way, and to take the motorcycle safety course. Then get the 1100 after you get comfortable. I started riding on a 750 Honda a bunch of years ago, and most people thought THAT was too big for a starter bike then.

    I have a Cobra HP-Pro 2-1 pipe on my bike along with a Maxair jet/intake kit, the bike sounds/runs great, and I have had no problems with either.


  3. fromohiouza

    I agree with g. If it is a starter bike you are looking for, a 750 is much more maneuverable.

    I had a 750 for years and really built up confidence with it. It's quick and has plenty of pickup.

    After you've had your feet wet with learning how to ride and how to handle drivers on the road, then move up in size.

    The 1100 was intimidating for me at first because it is pretty heavy compared to my old bike. The handling and maneuverability is slower and bulkier.

    Think of the difference as being a 4 Cylinder compact car versus a SUV. Obviously the SUV is going to have more power but if you aren't used to getting around in traffic, it might not be the best experience for you.

  4. Jassjljnne

    I started out on a 535 Virago. I recently got my 1100 classic because it was such a great deal. I'm very happy I did, it's a great bike but I wouldn't have gotten it for my first bike. It's a lot of bike.

    As for an exhaust, mine came came with a Cobra Classic Deluxe exhaust.
    Sounds great, runs good (46MPG) with a little backfiring on deceleration.
    It's been on the bike for a couple of years and still looks good.

  5. Ucfoodpall65

    thanks guys i appreciate the advice!!

  6. 869Cruser

    I started with an 1100 VStar as my first bike. The size and weight did take some getting used too. I think as long as you respect the power of the machine your riding you'll be fine starting with an 1100. I definitely recommend taking the safety class first, it will help you develop some of the basic riding skills. Have fun and ride safe!


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