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  1. RoatLoK

    Hey Everyone, just wanted to stop in and introduce myself - Chief X from RoatLoK Security.
    I have several bikes, one of which is an 1100 V Star Classic. I'll post up a photo or two this week. It is just coming back from a custom paint job which was done to promote our company.
    We make custom locking systems for motorcycles and are currently working on a system for Star motorcycles. I'll be looking into becoming a sponsor on this forum in the near future.
    Safe Riding!

    Chief X

  2. Bulltok

    Hey there Chief X, welcome aboard! The V-Star 1100 Classics a great bike. I've seen many of them customised.

  3. RoatLoK

    Yeah, It's a pretty good ride. A little under-powered but fun none the less. Here is a photo of it with one of our models (she goes to some of the bike events with us). The new paint will be black and white with our logo on the tank. Should look pretty nice!

  4. Jonezpoj

    Looks real gooooood and the bike an't bad either. Welcome aboard.

  5. vgink18054

    What Bike??? I Didnt See A Bike

  6. MatMan

    Huh!? You mean there's a bike in the picture!?

    Mark aka Mad Man

  7. RoatLoK

    Well, she's pretty much done. A few extra pieces of chrome and the new paint - I think she looks pretty good now, like you does the bike!

  8. Jonezpoj

    Looks good.

  9. RoatLoK

  10. RoatLoK

  11. tillikaff

    Welcome to the forum.
    Good Luck & Good Riding

  12. Rocgj1

    Welcome from Oklahoma!


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