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Help / Need 300 Watt Small Motorcycle Amp

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  1. Svomacg

    I just put in a pair of Kicker KS-5250's in the Fairing of my Strat Deluxe and I am looking for a good small amp that puts out 300 watts of power.* Does anyone have a good suggestion on which one to purchase ?
    The stock setup only puts out 20watts per speaker so my KS-5250's need more power to really
    Get the sound I'm looking for.

  2. zhifdhabbj6

    Svomacg, as you are probably aware I run four of these very same speakers in my Arkady, and in my opinion you would be hard pressed to find a better amp than ARC AUDIO . Look at the KS series of mini amps, this is what I run. They are very small and very capable. And they are manufactured right here in California.

    What ever you do stay away from HogTunes and Hawg wired both are over priced and under powered. And thats not just my opinion, there is a custom stereo shop near me ands they specialize in bikes and they have pulled out more than a few of these systems.

  3. Svomacg

    Thanks for the heads up brother.
    I looked at their prices on both sites and it's as tho they supply to Harley Crowd that likes to pay to much and not enough meat lol.
    Once again thanks and I will take a look and make a move.

  4. Svomacg

    As I had already posted I had purchased new speakers for my Deluxe's fairing and I was looking for the perfect small amp.
    I have already replaced the stock speakers with a set of Kicker 5250's but the factory set up only puts out 20 watts per speaker.
    The 5250's need power to really get the kind of sound that these speakers can produce. They can handle 135 peak watts at 4 oms.
    After doing a lot of research I ended up buying a Alpine KTP-445. Puts out 180 watts and will run four of these kickers like the way they should be run.
    I have a set of Rocksford Fosegate 6-1/2"s power series speakers I'm going to run in my bikes hardbags. The sound will be killer for sure. I am planning on doing this install tomorrow so I will post how it went and how the overall sound is. The dims of this unit are small enough that I am sure I will be able to hide it in the fariring without it being seen. Here is a picture of my 5250 Kicker speakers and the new Alpine amp.

    The Kicker 5250's are currently on sale at Best But for only $ 65.00.
    Of corse I purchased them when they were $ 90.00 but that's ok because they are worth every penny.
    The Alpine amp was $ 120.00

    Product Features
    Handles up to 45W x 4 RMS power 4 ohms
    Or 90W x 2 RMS power 4 ohms
    For powerful sound.
    Speaker level input
    Allows use with a wide variety of audio components.
    Compact size

    Product Height 1-1/2" , Product Width 7-1/4" , Product Weight 3.5 lbs. , Product Depth 2-3/4"
    Continuous Watts per Channel (4 Ohms) RMS 45W x 4

  5. Svomacg

    New set of Metzler Maraton 880's being put on my bike right now and I also found an Alpine amp that is also being installed today. Can't wait to get my bike back today. I will hook up one more pair of Rocksford Fosegate 6-1/2" power series speakers in my hardbags as well.
    It should rock for sure.


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