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help me !!!!!

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  1. cjclelatj

    maybe someone can shed some light on this. i have a 2004 v star 1100. bike runs great up to about 65-70 then if you git down on it to pass someone it just about dies out. all is stock , have changed plugs , had valves adjusted and carbs cleaned . this has been a problem that has been gradually getting worse that's why the work was done, but now it is even worse. any ideas on what is happening? oh yeah it has a hyper charger on it and filters are clean.

  2. poppj

    try putting 6 or 7 ounces of seafoam into a tank of can buy it at most auto part stores....many people on this site use is the only additive that works for will clean carbs, fuel lines, could be a quick cost less than 10 would be a place to start....did they rejet the carb when hypercharger was installed....hope this helps....b

  3. FretReit

    Sounds like a fuel flow issue. Either clogged fuel filter or gunk in the fuel line.

  4. bkman

    I'll +1 on what Fred said. Your main fuel circuit is either too lean or something is clogged.

    Does the little trap door open at WOT on the Hyper-Chargers? If so, there might be somethig wrong with that setup, too. A vacuum leak, perhaps?

    You might want to try a new fuel filter, too.

  5. A1zbordztat

    My vote is fuel filter as well. Cheep and easy to replace.

  6. Torch624

    Hope you were not running low on fuel... Don'T ask.

    Ride on,

  7. LiddleBen

    I too vote for trash in the tank and or lines or fuel filter. Possibly the fuel pump, But not too likely. Have your mechanics checked the throttle position sensors?. ,L.B.


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