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Helmet lock

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  1. Rop123

    I turns out that I was lucky to get two locks both keyed the same!....One less key to carry.

  2. MorkKW

    Having just called K, I was told their locks are absolutely not keyed alike, except.... ONLY when the locks are sold in their "twin lock packages" will both of those locks be keyed alike. They obviously do that knowing those purchasers generally will be using both locks, themselves, and it prevents them from having to carry 2 separate keys.

    We now know "the rest of the story." : )

    Be well.

  3. Rop123

    OK...then I'll chalk it up to another "mystery of life".....Two seperate locks, in two seperate retail blister packs with keys that are cut differently (completely different teeth pattern) opening both locks.

    A "mystery of life".......LOL



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