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Helmet life span

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  1. Suzhipiger

    What's the life span of a helmet? The recommended replacement interval, I mean. Am I making sense here? Is this thing on???

  2. zgreiker

    at least as often as you fall...

  3. Suzhipiger

    Ha, ha. You funny guy.

    What about after that?

  4. quicgmicg

    That is an interesting question. Most helmet manufacturers that I've seen usually recommend a new helmet every 2 to 4 years. They say the plastic deteriorates over time making things more brittle, they accumulate scratches, scrapes and chips, liners and chinstraps wear and helmets are constantly being improved.

    That is probably some good reasoning.....but if I sold helmets.... I'd definitely be telling you to replace it often too....

  5. Goadlocger69

    Here is what HJC sez on their site:

    Although your HJC Helmet is constructed with the best materials available to offer a long-lasting product, it will eventually need to be replaced. Immediately replace your helmet if:

    • It has suffered an impact. Your helmet is only designed for ONE impact. An impact may fracture the outer shell or compress the impact absorbing liner. You may not be able to detect this damage. Any impact in a crash or a drop from as low as 4 feet is enough to damage your helmet.

    • The shell, lining, or retention system is damaged. The helmet shell, the impact absorbing lining, and the retention system must be in good condition to provide you with the most protection.

    Even if your helmet has not been damaged, it needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years depending on how much you use it. Over time, UV rays and adhesive and component aging will damage your helmet. Wearing a damaged helmet may increase your risk of serious injury or death in an accident.

  6. retzdarraiter

    i still wear my half helmet after two wrecks. its pretty banged up and its ooozing some sticky stuff. not real bad. i wiped it down with windex and its still there. i'll get a new one when i find one that makes me look as cool as this one does.

    kids, dont try this at home!!
    i know, i know,
    kinda dumb!

  7. Yammj

    I guess when the helmet stops oozing it's time to replace it or insert more goo into it. From my research the helmets should be replaced from 5-7 years from date of manufacture, sorry I can't provide any documentation. The date is on the label inside the helmet, there is also a Snell 2005 label as well don't confuse this. Look for a helmet that is a 2009 model which was made in late 2008.

  8. Suzhipiger

    i still wear my half helmet after two wrecks. its pretty banged up and its ooozing some sticky stuff. not real bad. i wiped it down with windex and its still there. i'll get a new one when i find one that makes me look as cool as this one does. kids, dont try this at home!!i know, i know,kinda dumb!
    OMG dude. I'm dragging you to Heyser Cycle and we're going to pry open your wallet and buy a new half-helmet. I just a cool, flat-black DOT job for $65.00.

  9. ozun55

    Lol , I just recently took the Dirt bike gear down out of the garage that my son and I used back in our dirt bike days looking for an extra helmet for a visitor. Unpacked them and they really looked in good condition for being packed up for 20 years , but the impact liner crumbled like a sand castle with even the slightest touch .

    So , I can't say how often to replace them , but I can tell you the impact liners do disintegrate over time.


  10. flazh680


    The article explains that one must also consider that the five-year life span starts from the date the helmet is manufactured, not from the date of purchase. ASTM helmets are required to have the manufacturer's name and production date on a permanent label inside. It is important to check this date before purchase, so you do not buy a helmet that has already set on the tack shop shelf for three years, leaving only two years of life span
    remaining for that helmet. The article advises that if a helmet has had hard use (during its life span), it will need to be inspected by the manufacturer or destroyed and replaced. Serious damage cannot always be seen or felt.

    Some of the signs of hard use are the following:

    1. Harness pulling loose from helmet
    2. Squeeze clips with broken teeth
    3. White helmet turning yellow
    4. Black velvet helmet turning beige
    5. Surface cracks, holes or dents
    6. Chunks missing from the liner
    7. Liner squashed down in places
    8. Shell or liner cracked through

    The above list was developed after consultation with helmet manufacturers. It is meant to be meaningful when looking at ultra-lightweight helmets as well as more conventional models.

  11. flakkerbhil

    Shoei and Arai both say three to five years, if you keep it in decent shape, and at least have it checked after a hard hit. I know both of them and Simpson will check your helmet for free if you send it to them...I've done that twice (once after an accident and once after it was dropped).

    As much as I sweat in mine during the summer, three years will be about it for this current one.

  12. Suzhipiger

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the links and good answers. My FF helmet, is a less-expensive brand and will probably be replaced sooner rather than later based on this info.

  13. girgnt1zbt

    IIRC, when I took my riding course, they said the helmet should be replaced about every 5 years, whether it looks like it needs to be replaced or not.

  14. tunc

    thanks sushi ya made me realise that they might have a expiry date /time on them i never thought of it
    mines about 7yrs old so might be time for a change if this is the case


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