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Hello, I just purchased a new 1100 Classic

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  1. mcurrj1

    I bought the bike for 7799.00. Model Year 2008
    I also purchased a set of

    Hard Krome Stripper Pipes 2.5" Part Number1810-0017
    Jet Kit from Cobra
    Oil Filter Relocation Kit

    The dealer is not charging me anything to install those items. I can not wait to pick the bike up next week. I hope it sounds good.

    Do any of you have a similar set up on the 1100, if so, how does it sound? Did you see any performance increases?


  2. vgink18054

    I have a 07 vstar 1100 and i dont know from experiance because my bike is stock but from what i understand you will not see much power increase unless you change the air intake and the exhaust. new exhaust let the air flow out easy but with the stock intake air box you have not increased any air coming into the engine. as for the hard chrome exhaust one of the guys i ride with has them and i hate to ride behind him because i cant hear my bike over his. as for the 1100 it is a great bike. if you like yours even half as much as like mine you will be well pleased

  3. mcurrj1

    Thanks for the post, I am not at all concerned with the performance of the bike. The main purpose of the after market exhaust was primarily for sound and looks. Maybe at some point in the future I will upgrade the air filter, but for now I will be happy to get on the road again.

    Good riding.


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