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  1. killizfire14

    I just bought my wife her first bike, a 650 classic. We have been outside practicing. The only thing I don't like about it is the clutch. I ordered the Clevver mod and the Sertic mod to try and help with this issue. The question I have, is there a way to bring the clutch and brake lever closer to the grips? She has small hands and I worry about her being able to comfortably reach them. I know she can do it, I am just being causious about her riding.

  2. JolljRoker

    You're on the right track. With the mods you plan, you can bring the engagement point very close to the grip. Check the adjustment again when the clutch is warm, as the engagement point will creep toward the grip as the heat increases.

  3. retzdaret

    Yup, you got the right stuff on the way to fix that.

  4. VTvinChic

    I found that when I rolled my handlebars back on my 650 it rotated the levers upwards ever so slightly. That was much more comfortable in reaching both the grips and the levers. Just have her handy (a second set of hands always helps), place a thick mat over the tank, and then loosen the handlebar holders (as Yamaha calls them, aka "risers"). She will tell you what's comfortable and then retighten the risers to give the bars and levers their new position. Good luck!


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