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Hello from Western Canada

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  1. RotS

    Hi all, Guess I need to do this right. Put a deposit on a '07 1300T a week ago and I cannot wait to get it home. Been riding for a while but am upgrading from a TW200 to the VStar 1300T. The TW just doesn't cut it on the highway and is getting old. Time for a newer ride. Looks like I will be bringing the bike home in time for christmas or early January. Enjoying all the info here on the bikes and will probably become a regular. I love riding, photography, and art. As well have been heavily involved in archery for the past 20 years, even competeing and local levels. Sponsored and all that stuff, going through some major changes in my life and decided to buy the new bike and do some long distance rides. Will post pictures of my new ride once I get some better pictures of it and/ or bring it home.

  2. Ravhite

    Hello and welcome to the YMF, stick around and join in.....

  3. MigejCojode

    Welcome Rod. I am a displaced Western Canadian living in Nova Scotia at the moment. Lots of great guy and good info on this site enjoy.


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