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  1. Shebhertezz

    Does the CamLock cancel with use of the break lever like the Breakaway one does? I want to get a cruise control this summer as was considering the Breakaway.

  2. WLS460

    No Shebhertezz,

    It does not disengage upon front brake usage, but for $75(+) less I personally can live without that feature.

    If I really needed to have the disengagement as a feature then maybe an electronic one would be better, you know like the Audiovox CCS-100.

    Even though the Audiovox CCS-100 is a discontinued and is no longer a produced item. They still can be had on ebay. The only thing that steers me away from that direction is that you’re adding something else to consume those precious amps that the generator produces so sparingly.




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