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Hello from New Mexico

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  1. Dano658

    I just joined the forums. i just bought a 2005 Yahama V Star with 600 miles on it.. I just wanted to drop a line and say hi. Hope to learn alot for the site.

  2. zeminole

    Welcome aboard! Theres lots of great info here. Enjoy.

  3. Snufftokk

    Welcome to the YMF Dano658. Congrats on the purchase. Post up some pics so we can have a look.

    Ride Safe

  4. Ravhite

    Hi Dano658, welcome to the YMF......Look forward to seeing you around.

  5. Dano658

    Here are a few pics of my new ride.

  6. vgink18054

    your post got me to wondering. why am i hearing of several cases when someone buys a bike 1 or 2 years old with less than a 1000 miles? I had more miles than that the first month that i had my bike. and plan on many more miles. I just think if you are going through all the expence for a bike, gear and acessories you should ride it.

    P,S. Dano658 that is one nice ride, Ride it and be safe

  7. Dano658

    I will enjoy every minute of riding it.

    Thanks for the welcome

  8. Jonezpoj

    Sweeeeeeetttttt ride, welcome aboard.


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