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  1. zbarcdeg

    Hello everyone. I have been reading these forums for a few weeks and have found the people in this forum a very knowledgeable and friendly group.

    I have also become the proud owner of a Vstar 1300. I consider my self a new rider since the last bike I rode was an old dirt bike some 30+ years ago.

    I have taken the MSF course obtained my license and have been riding the bike around in my neighborhood getting used to it.

    One question I have for you is, are there any clutch and break levers available that would provide a better reach for some one with small hands?

    When I reach for the clutch and/or break levers I am able to fully activate them, but it would be much more comfortable if it were not with my finger tips.

    If any one can recommend replacement levers it would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy riding!


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