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Hello from Colorado...

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  1. Pargerak

    Currently ride a 2006 Honda VTX 1300R - please don't throw anything. Love the ride, but am looking for a bit more gusto (and power) and have a big interest in the Raider so I thought I would check out the forums to see what people that actually have one are saying...they look like a really nice ride.

    Love ridin in the Rockies - ride safe.

  2. BikDok

    Glad to have you on board! Always wanted to ride in Colorado. Can't help you with the Raider, I have a 1100 classic. The Raiders are real sharp bikes.

  3. Trollpj

    Welcome Aboard!

    Lots of riders here have multiple bikes of all flavors, no throwing stuff because you ride one brand or another.

    Plenty of good info at this site, just ask.

  4. Jonezpoj

    Welcome to the site, my son lives in Canyon City and your right the Rockies are nice.............


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