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  1. DomezdicMule

    I'm the PROUD NEW OWNER of a beautiful 2008 V-star Custom 650 with the stock red flame paint, I just love this bike. I'm new to cruisers but I've been riding most of my life on the jeep trails in Colorado on "Dualsport" bikes.
    Cruisers are far more comfortable and they handle SO much better.
    My previous bike was a KLR 650. I found this forum while I was surfing for accessories and I hope to learn more from all of you over time!
    I currently live in Oklahoma City.

    Accessories so far;
    Mustang seat.
    15" backrest.
    Passenger floorboards.
    Saddleman saddlebags/supports.

  2. chilibebber

    Welcome aboard and yes, the cruisers are a bit more comfortable.

  3. Kos

    Yeah baby, cruisers rock!

  4. Jonezpoj

    Welcome to the site.

  5. Trollpj

    Welcome Aboard!

  6. pulldaco

    Hey Mule Man, welcome to the world of V-star. Can't believe you left CO for OK. Later, Jas


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