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Headlight not Enough...

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  1. GDMurf256

    Just got a set of passing lights and want to mount somewhere near/above/below front turn signals. Question is, what do I need to mount them? The lights came off another bike, Roadstar. They have the mounting holes in them already. Is there a "T" type tube I can purchase to mount them above or below the turn signals? My signals currently come straight out to the left and right of the steering column. I have a 09 Vstar 650 Custom. TIA

  2. pluezantplacg

    My V Star has a small bolt on the turn signal bar so I did not need anything. I do believe that there special mounting rings you can purchase that work great but I can not remember the out fit that sells them. I think it may be barrons

  3. Fulldild1

    There is a light bar that mounts to the lower fork clamp. They are specific to the lights and bike. Use the P/Ns to find the right one.

  4. GDMurf256

    Understand light bar. What I need is info on the hardware to mount the light to the lightbar.

  5. ctnwzdar

    Could you not use handlebar clamps that are available in many online stores such as custom dynamics etc. You may have to make a special bracket to mount the light to the clamp but that would be easy.



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