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Headlight Adjustment

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  1. SCANEL763

    Hello, everyone. Can someone please tell me which way you turn the small screws to make your headlight to go higher up.

  2. BAT738

    I'm not sure but shouldn't you be able to turn it (them) one way and see? I was just in my headlight yesterday replacing a turn signal and see it should be an easy task.

  3. SCANEL763

    I turned them clockwised but they would only go up so far. It was dark and I had it shining on a wall. I guess I maxed them out. Will get the dealer to adjust them at my next oil change. Thank you.

  4. fromohiouza

    Dealer oil change? I think you are missing out on half the fun of owning your bike.

  5. A1zbordztat

    Clockwise will Raise the beam. Counter-Clockwise will Lower it.

  6. SCANEL763

    I am a second shift worker and I ride my bike to work. Thanks for the info.

  7. DlbhnQuezd2

    1. Position the headlight 10 feet away from a wall.
    2. Measure the distance from the center of the headlight to the ground.
    3. Measure the same distance on the wall and subtract 2 inches.
    4. Raise or lower the beam to the spot.
    5. Test ride, readjust as necessary.

    I used blue painters tape to mark the spots. To help define the center of the light, try using a sheer material to mask some of the 'extra' light. The dot in the center of the bulb is the brightest spot. As posted before, clockwise raises the beam. I found the screw on the right (looking from the front of the bike to the rear) had a more profound effect than the one on the left.

    A properly aimed headlight makes all the difference! Plus I just added the passing lamps, WOW what a difference.


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