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  1. Hunejpe1

    Has anyone had a problem with the headlight not lighting? Checked the fuses and they are all OK. Any suggestions???

  2. matcruser

    You are probably aware but I'll point out the obvious anyway. It only lights after you start the engine. If it doesn't work with the engine on, I would open the headlight and check for power at the bulb. If it has power, replace the bulb. If no power, I'd hit the dealer up for a warranty repair. Let us know how you fix it.

  3. Hunejpe1

    Off to the dealer I think we were riding at the time and we can't get any power to the headlight.

  4. Hunejpe1

    got the light to work after discussing with dealer at shop , and kind of red neck fix, jiggle the switch. Seems that the starter switch kind of sticks on the headlight bypass and after jiggling the switch and starting the cycle, we had light. Shop stated this happens on new bikes as need to break in switch. It worked so now we can ride.

  5. moundainman107

    I have not had my switch stick. This sounds lke a problem that might not go away by itself. Keep an eye on it. And if it persists don't let the dealer get away without fixing it.

  6. Hunejpe1

    We will be keeping an eye on it. We stopped by the dealer this afternoon. I had some things ordered and I even got the back ordered Rear Fender Rack. I couldn't believe it when he came out with it. Thanks for the reply you gave me.


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