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HD chrome lowers

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  1. peertuge

    I have had a couple people ask me for pics of the hd lowers i installed so ill just post them for the public. I got used ones off ebay for 30 bucks i think you can buy them new for 70-80 depending on the shop. They are super easy to mount and require drilling 2 1/4 inch holes. The top hole on the lower will attach to the top bolt of the windshield bracket nothing needed. The second hole down on the windshield bracket there is no hole for on the factory lower. I installed the lowers with just the top bolts in the windshield bracket then put the lowers where they needed to be and marked the holes for the next bolt down, took the brackets back off and drilled the 1/4 inch holes. Then reinstall the lowers and tighten your windshield bolts. The bottom hole of the hd factory lowers lines up perfectly with the lower windshield mount, this is the hole ya have to drill in the bike (which i didnt do yet cause my cordless went dead), then go to your local hardware store and but some stainless or chrome 1/4 inch bolts and nuts put them in the last hole and your done. This is what ya end up with. They fit really well even with the big bar guard they will just barely touch with the bars to the full lock position nothing to worry about. And in the close up mount pic there really isnt a hole drilled in the outer edge of the lower its a double reflection.

  2. purneyr

    They look good. I am a little confused however, I understood the part about drilling a hole in the lower to match the bottom windshield mount bolt. But I don't follow about the hole you mention to be drilled in the bike, the one where your drill went dead.

    Now, how well do they work?

    Thanks so much.. Rich

  3. peertuge

    They work well i now have reverse air flow while sitting on the bike the air wraps around me and auctually blows slightly towards the windshield pretty much dead air in the driver area. And to answer your question the hole you see unfilled in the 3rd pic needs to be drilled in the bike, behind it is the bracket that you see coming from behind the headlight makes a upward turn towards the windshield which holds the other bolts. There is no factory hole here and is needed to help support the lower.

  4. HenrjD

    Thanks for posting the info. I am concerned just looking at the pics though about the Yamaha lightbar and if it would interfere. Looks to me like it would hit. Grrr.....I may have to rethink my thoughts

  5. peertuge

    I dont have the bar so i can tell ya for sure. The lowers run right down the center of the forks so if your turn signals are on the top half of the fork your ok if they extend past the center of the fork tube your out of luck.

  6. TxSam991

    I added these to my bike, too, but I only drilled one hole in the deflector for the bottom mounting bolt. Then I glued a small rubber washer down at the bottom of the deflector to stabilize it against the bike. I've only put about 10 hours on the bike since I made the change, but the deflectors really did seem to do a nice job of keeping the air off my chest. Love 'em!

    I'll see if I can get some pictures once the sun is up.

  7. TxSam991

    You know, looking at your pictures, bd, I think I may have actually mounted my deflectors backwards. Do you have the top flaps on your deflector angled toward the back of the bike, or toward the front?

  8. peertuge

    The top horzontal tabs go forward. I did take them back off and angled them back close to 45 deg. With them stock they auctually stick straight out from the forks which caused more drag then i wanted. After changing the angle some to reduce some drag they are $$$. On a side note the bottom bolt i finally got done too, i drilled and taped the heavy bracket for the bottom hole and put in another stainless allen head bolt so all 3 match looks factory now and the 3rd bolt makes them rock solid.

  9. owidjonz

    I just added the HD Chrome lowers. I also drilled and taped for the lower mounting bolt. Drill bit is 17/64 and Tap is 8mm 1.25 for anyone wanting to do this. I just used some extra stainless bolts I had with 10mm head. I may try to find new stainless allen head bolts.

    The lowers make a big difference, the vents on my jacket become less useful since I don't get any airflow on my chest.


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