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Have you named your bike?

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  1. DaweGCF

    Mine is Artibella, after one of my favorite songs:

  2. pralfuciouz

    Mine is "Black Betty" . . . and I hum the song almost every time I back her out of the garage.

  3. zbeeto

    I call mine "the bike".......pretty original huh?

  4. Cabri103

    Big Blue

  5. puppaco

    I'm thinking of naming mine Buford.

  6. Shebhertezz

    Silver Girl, of course! I was reading in the book, The Chrome Cowgirl that we name our bikes and not our cars, b/c our bikes are our "Chrome Horses"! And every horse has to have a name!

  7. zdormkade

    I named mine betty. It took a while to convince my wife to let me buy her and when we picked her up, she automatically gave her a name. Can't really argue it ... (married guys know what I'm talkin about)

    I actually like then name a lot. It fit her well.

  8. retzdarraiter

    i call mine trouble!! he can be quite a handful sometimes!!

  9. Normanc100

    I call mine " Nifty ", the spiffy 950.

  10. micg10

    i call my bike Vicky, my wife even refers to it as Vicky!

  11. froto


  12. zdarkuj20

    I asked my little girl what I should name my bike. I figured I could use some of her "three-year-old wisdom". She immediately responded with, "you should name her BB." So that's her name.....BB. I kinda like it!


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