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have question on hypercharger and AIS

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  1. volf

    Ok I am putting on my Hypercharger today and I got to the part where u have to extend the float bowl vent hose well having little trouble locating it does anyone have a pic of where its at or what it looks like so i make sure i get the right thing. The pic that is in the instructions is not that good. plus i also have this plastic ring that was inside my hypercharger that i do not know what it is it does not talk about it in the instructions i think it might be for instillation on a diff bike maby it looks like it goes where the radius flange goes but it cant fit there with the flange there then i also have a small Aluminum Pipe about 2" long and it does not talk about that so i have no idea there.
    Now on to my next thing after I am done with the hypercharger and putting my new pipes on everyone said to disable the AIS because if i do not it will pop on deceleration. Is that always the case or do some bike not do that. Should i just put everything on and take it out and see if it pops or should i just disable it.
    thanks again for any help u guys can give.

  2. retzdaret

    The vent hose is the tube that went to the back of the bracket behind the old air cleaner dog bowl. You need to relocate it to he back of the hypercherger. There should be an opening on the back for it to plug into.

    Yes, you should disable the AIS. I promise you it will pop if you don't. The easiest way to do it is to follow these directions.

  3. MigejCojode

  4. pedapillj

    The blue plastic ring is just shipping material, the aluminum tube is for attaching a second length of rubber hose so the vent tube will reach the black plastic fitting that screws into the 1/4 inch hole on the back and towards the rear of the hypercharger.

  5. yhennlj

    For some reason my HC didn't come with the little fitting on the back, it's solid there. I took my vent tube and ziptied it up, facing forward, just under the petcock. Definitely listen to the others but,I figured I would toss my .02 in there just incase your HC is like mine. I've heard of this issue with the black hyperchargers mostly.

  6. volf

    thx for the help everyone and the plastic ring i was talking about is black there is also a blue one but i took that off knowing it was from the packing ill try to get pics of the black ring that was in the hypercharger.

  7. VstarKid15

    fyi I'm not a believer of the AIS disable.. my 09 has used both V&H and Jardine pipes with the hypercharger and not had any real popping, you will never eliminate popping my mates got his AIS removed and his still does it, and certainly no less then mine from time to time.

    Infact I think most people with popping have poorly connected aftermarket air cleaners, like a leaky HC will pop like buggery. Just my 2 cents.

  8. retzdaret

    fyi I'm not a believer of the AIS disable.. my...

    Your right about a leak could cause it, but if you don't have a leak and remove the AIS, you will not pop. Mine has aftermarket pipes and a GAK and I have no popping at all. I know several other people who did the same as me and have no popping. Not to mention the AIS is just plain ugly.

  9. zbungj

    Cobra Drag Pipes and GAK with AIS removed and never a pop ... always popped till I removed the AIS ... and yes it's damn ugly too ... all those hoses and pipes running around .... silly if you ask me ...

  10. volf

    here are the pics of that ring that was in my hypercharger that they dont say what it is or what it is used for. the ring is the size of the radius flange

  11. volf

    ok the vent hose again is that one in this link that mikey gave that is the 4th pic down the v shap intake with the little hose that is capped because that is the only hose i really see on the bike besides the chrome ones by the intake.

  12. MigejCojode

    It should run down from between the carbs to a dead end on a bracket on the side of the front cylinder. It's the only large vacuum line coming off the carbs, the other similarly large line leads to the fuel system.

    If you don't have it then look between the carbs and there is a 3/8 nipple on a bit of a swivel, joining the two carbs. It will likely be pointing downward and a PITA to see or get at. That's your vent.

  13. volf

    thanks ill take a look at that. Any idea what the plastic ring is that i put pics up for?

  14. volf

    Ok the reason i didnt see the hose is because i dont have a garage so i keep my bike in shed and i have very little room to work in there plus i have my seat and fender off right now and the fender is upside down on the tire so i didnt want to move the bike to look at the other side i got someone over to hold the fender up so i could move the bike and there it was the hose i need i thought i could see it from the other side but i was not sure where it went to so when i looked from the other side of the bike i could see the hose i was looking at went up to the i got that part worked out.
    Just need to know how what that plastic ring is that i put pics up for on page 1.

  15. volf

    Ok thx for all the help guys that u have giving me i should be good from here on out.I just called Kuryakyn and asked them about the plastic ring and they said it is not used on my bike. So that fixed that too.

  16. zbungj

    did you tywrap the hose to the fuel petcock ?

  17. yhennlj

    After you posted that it was not for our bikes it got me to thinking and, I think the ring is used for the Harley. If I'm not mistaken, and somebody please correct me if I'm wrong but, the HC was originally made for the Harley and was later adapted for our bikes. I don't know, I could be totally of base with this one.

  18. volf

    no i didnt tie the hose anywhere yet i seen what i need to do with hoses but i have not put them on yet. have not had time maby in the next few day. then ill see about tying them up if they need it.

  19. zbungj

    the reason you tywrap it to the petcock is to pressurize the fuel bowls .... if it's hanging, with crosswinds and stuff your bike will do some weird stuff .... cutting out and such .... with it pointing to the front you keep it pressurized and constant


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