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Hastings, St.Aug, Palatka, Jax area riders

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  1. Hazdinkzliner

    I can find absolutly nobody to rdie with since I switched to Metric bikes.

    Anybody in these areas ride in groups or waht have ya, let me tag along? ..................

    I used to ride Harleys, I thought they were friends, but it was the brand thing.

  2. Cabri103

    I live in Jax. I rode thru all those areas yesterday: US1 down towards St Augustine then over to Palatka, thru Hastings and back thru downtown Jax and across the Mathews bridge and Home. A nice ride, about 130 miles. I had no idea that Hastings was such a large town, I thought it was a crossroads with a stop sign

    We ought to get together,

  3. Hazdinkzliner

    I'll check this board daily to see of your riding.

    I now ride a Matrix Pearled Plum colored Roadliner.

    Maybe sunshine this weekend......


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