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Harley pegs on a Yamaha

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  1. TRaiterJohn

    I wanted to use the Kuryakyn Pilot foot pegs and matching shift/brake pegs on my Raider, but the pegs are not compatible with the way the shift and brake stems are built from the factory, and the design won't let them adapt the Harley peg to the Raider. So I modified the Raider by grinding off the pegs, drilling out what was left of the peg and drilling a hole for the 5/16"x24 chrome bolt the pegs use for mounting. Seems to have worked fine, but I can't go back to stock without replacing the stems...but why would I?

  2. HikhCheeze

    Looks good. Does your bike leak oil now?

  3. zhifdhabbj6

    It dosn't matter if it leaks cause now it don't run!

  4. TRaiterJohn

    Actually, the pegs will run better than they ever would if I hadn't bought them.

  5. LaFiamma442

    Very nice!!

  6. VTvinChic

    like the pegs, but I really like the RAIDER linkage!!!!


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