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  1. dobzbin

    I'm really enjoying this thread I started. Got ALOT of info I needed. By the way, I went to go see the Raider once again today. I had 3 problems.

    1. I cannot decide which color I like best... I actually love them all
    2. I love the look of the Raider pipes... but DAYUM are they quiet!
    3. As I drooled all over the Raider, the salesperson drooled all over my Wide Glide

    My buddy (the sales manager) was off today so that kept me from actually signing up today. Gotta decide on a color though.

  2. kman

    Your second point has a few resolutions;

    1. Drill the plate in the stock exhaust.
    2. Keep the stock exhaust but remove the tips and install Reaper tips.
    3. And as you know replace the stockers with something better looking and sounding.

  3. boedzaind

    Its ok, I'm fine here, I run a Raider forum and a Harley forum so unlike most narrow minded folks in pretty open to new a new Idea or two. You know I run both and own both so I am pretty sure I can form an opinion on what I like better. I mean with the Yamaha Raiders massive 5000 unit run in two they must be on to something right. And by comparison Harleys 100 thousand soft tails aren't even close. And hey just because you bought a copy don't make you less of an American. I mean in time of troubles and strife its fine that you enjoy a copy from another company and country. I respect and honor free will and choice.
    Besides you're the one that's getting all twisted. He asked an opinion and I gave mine. Sorry that you don't agree .....
    HAHAHAHHA oh lord
    yes i'm sure the 3rd largest motorcycle company (which just cut its production another 20%) is schooling the largest comapny. Yep them 5000 Raiders are teaching the few million Harleys a thing or two....

    I like how you compare the Raider to the entire Harley line. Let's compare Harley to all foreign bikes sold or let's compare Yamaha or Star Motorcycles to Harley's sold. How about the Rocker vs Raider. I've a seen a few Raiders on the road , but not a single Rocker.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________________

    This is not to trash Harley because I do like some things about their bikes and I used to own a Harley. I think their dealerships leave much to be desired. Everyone seems to have forgot about the AMF years which were as long as the current era. It's only been since about 2000 that Harley has made a decent bike. So compare all you want - I like my Raider better.

  4. zaldjtok36

    Someone get a chain. Hook a stock Raider up to a Stock Rocker. Get two stunt kind of guys and lets see what bike pulls what bike. Only way to end this thing.

  5. Vindakecar15

    Cycle World Magazine - March-08

    Price - $17,295
    weight - 671
    torque - 84 lb. ft.
    horsepower - 63
    top speed - 116
    1/4 mile - 13.30

    Price - $13.980
    weight - 719
    torque - 106.3 lb. ft.
    horsepower - 85.9
    top speed - 125
    1/4 mile - 12.09

    Unless you can't live with that badge on your gas tank, it's kind of a no-brainer.

  6. zaldjtok36

    Looks like we may have a winner. Unless someone has a large sum of money to really do this thing. In that case i will buy a ticket on "pay fir view."

  7. kman

    Hey boedzaind,

    I agree Harley sells more bikes, but you must read this article, the Rocker is left in the dust when compared to a Raider.

  8. raiter47

    I was going to buy a Rocker C, best price I could get was $18,000 plus tax etc. and my friends that ride Harley's new I wouldn't be happy with the power coming of a ZX11. I figured I could put 3 or 4 thousand in more and it should be fine. Test rode it handling so so, power not, stoping power, but who cared it's a Harley. I am a big time snowmobiler and I ride a Yamaha Apex which is a 150hp snowmobile anyway to make a long story short my deeler gave me the keys to a 2009 raider. I was impressed handling ok to good, power good, stoping great, and what was the best was the balance of the bike and the chrome. $14,600 with 5 year warranty out the door that's tax 8%, reg., all the BS. So I firgured for 10,000 less than the Harley after the moods I can still get my new Chevy truck. WHAT A DEAL

    PS Just ride a raider and you will be sold!!!!!!!!!!

  9. TrojRaiter

    I think raiter47's last statement say it all. "Ride a Raider, you'll be sold".

  10. chillin4

    raiter47, nice post....I particularly found this statement hilarious!

    "If I could get a 7/8ths scale Raider without losing the power, I'd be as happy as a woman with PMS downing a gigantic hunk of Motherlode chocolate cake."



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