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  1. JonnjFlazh

    Ok so I am looking for hardbags for my Vstar 1100 Custom. The fairing (Memphis Shades with the stereo soon to come) will be in today and now I need bags to make it an official bagger. I am looking at the Hardstreet bags and the National Cycle Cruiseliner bags. I was looking at the Mutazu bags but I dont know if I am inclined enough to drill and mount. The easier the better for me. If any one has any other ideas or suggestion that would be great too. Also I was considering the Yamaha Tour Classic leather hard mount bags as they are only like $200 but I do not know if I can just use easy brackets on them or if I will have to fab something (which may be nearly impossible for me).

  2. giotis42

    hi my name is bob. do you have a batwing installed on your 1100 custom...if so may i ask where you got it from and do have any pictures of it installed that i can look at....thank you

  3. JustDave

    Welcome to the forum Bob, Here is a recent thread about the batwing with a pic of my wife's and resources for the fairing. memphis-shades-batwing-2 These guys have the best price I have seen so far on them.

    Sorry about hijacking your thread JohnnyFlash, Do not really have any bag advice specifically other than to get what you like, I can attest that the EZ brackets rock. I have mine mounted with them and they are great. Quick on and off (with a key) and whats left on the bike is hardly noticeable.

  4. JonnjFlazh

    Sorry I wont be getting around to putting on the fairing until the spring as it is currently -12 degrees F here. For pics of the fairing on a Custom, check out ebay. There is a seller on there selling smaller hard bags (similar to the GA ones from Mutazu). I would post a link to the pic but I am at work and ebay is blocked.

  5. JustDave

    Sorry I wont be getting around to putting on the...

    I have a pair of those bags like the Mutazu bags that I got off of e-bay for like 90 bucks or something like that. They are really flimsy and I had a lot of trouble with Stress cracks where they were bolted to the Easy brackets. I had a guy light up his ultra next to me at a red light one time and his bike skidded sideways and contacted my bags and just shattered the hell out of the back of em where they were mounted. I fixed them with fiberglass and used them for a while longer until I found a good deal on craigslist for some good bags. The paint finish was good on them and they did not leak. The locks are really crappy and they are small. If you are looking for something to throw a jacket in once in a while they will suffice but a heavy tool bag or anything is just to much for them. By the way, a heavy leather jacket rolled up fills one of these bags up. Thats about the size they are.


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