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  1. enolz2

    07 1100 silverado, after the bike gets warmed up its hard to start a good part of the time, smell of gas, is it nature of the beast to flood, it sets a bit an does this,this problem is starting to make me think i might want to trade, any ideas? something other than a star might be in order.

  2. poppj

    give it no gas when starting hot or cold.

  3. quicgmicg

    06 V Star 1100's have this issue at times. I've not seen a definitive answer to what the problem actually is, or what the true cure is...I can tell you this...

    Guys that have done the under tank pods have pretty much eliminated the problem. If you also clip the solenoid needles it also helps.

    Here is a link to some great information concerning the 2006 up carbs....

  4. vakonman

    Hey elons45,
    My '06 1100 has the same issue you describe. I've noticed that after the bike is well warmed up, if it sits for more than about 10 to 15 minutes it struggles when I restart it. It starts up but it barely idles. I have to very gingerly apply a small amount of throttle and it regains proper idle speed. If I apply substantial throttle it dies. Anytime less than the 10 minute interval or more than about 15 minutes the bike starts up great. I don't know what causes this problem. I just try to avoid that problem time interval.

  5. enolz2


  6. enolz2

    could u tell me more bout the tank mods sol. clip? thanx much

  7. quicgmicg

    could u tell me more bout the tank mods sol. clip? thanx much
    The pod set up is simply moving the air filter from the side to underneath the tank. Instead of 1 big filter, you have 2 smaller ones, and the performance increase is dramatic. Most guys get about 8 HP after doing that and re-jetting the carbs.

    That link above is to a place that has all the info on doing it. It'll probably end up costing less than $120 for everything including the jets. Ther eis also another kit called the "Dragon's Breath" that has dual spear point air filters coming out each side of the bike. the look is stunning. I can get you a price on that set up as well....

    Hope that helps...

  8. quicgmicg

    Here is a pic of the Dragon's Breath on Tim B's bike....there is a filter coming out on each side....looks great, huh?

    Just another FYI... Tim makes and sells these along with about anything else V Star related...great service and support.....

    Here is a link to his web page...

  9. bkman

    It should be obvious but, just in case no one ever told you, don't use the choke or the throttle to start a hot engine. You might also want to check your air filter - if it is really dirty, it could exacerbate this situation. Other than that, I can tell you that my bike does this when it is REALLY hot - like when I've been in summer traffic for a half-hour and barely moving. Under thos conditions, if I shut the bike off and wait about ten minutes, it acts like it is VERY flooded when I start it back up. By the way, I have PODs on my bike and it makes no difference in my case. I think this is just the way these bikes work. The carb bowls are tucked right up against the jugs, and they take a LOT of heat.

    I read somewhere that shutting the fuel off and idling the bike for a minute helps. I haven't tried this trick, but it might help. Of course, that only applies to summer riding in extreme traffic and heat. Normally, I never have any trouble. I DO know, however, that my idle mixture setting has a LOT to do with it. If I am too rich, it is sluggish on re-start - even in "normal" summer riding. If I lean the idle mix just a bit, it fires immediately and idles normally on a hot restart (like when I stop for fuel). Make sure your idle mixture isn't too rich. On my bike, 1/8 of a turn (on the pilot mixture screws) DOES make a difference.

    I put a fan on my bike that blows fresh air in between the "V" when the temperature in that area goes above a certain point. I don't think it helps that much, but that may be because it only runs when the bike is on. I haven't had the guts to put a delay timer on it (to keep it on for ten minutes or so after I shut the bike off). If it was running while the motor was off, it MIGHT keep the temeratures down enough to reduce this "flooding" on hot restart. I don't know. Someday, I AM going to try a delay on the fan. I am just not sure what I'd rather have - a flooded engine or a dead battery - but the fan might be a viable solution (if not an extreme one) if it would run a while after the motor is turned off. The fan sits behind the dog-dish OEM air cleaner cover and right up against the motor, so the bike looks completely stock unless you know how it is supposed to look. I would post a picture, but it really doesn't show up in photos. Next time I have the dog dish off, I will take a picture so you can all see what I mean.

  10. enolz2

    thanx to all, good info, will do while in winter storage, "GOD, i hate winter"


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