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Hard Krome....rejet?

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  1. tenvpazepall

    I'm looking at getting a set of Hard Krome Stripper pipes. I'm wondering if I need to rejet or GAK? Thanks guys!

  2. retzdaret

    You could prob get away without rejeting them. It will run a little lean, but not too bad. If you want to do it up right and get the most out of those sweet pipes, I would GAK it. It's totally worth it.

  3. zbungj

    yes for only $74 the gak is a great thing .... your going to open up the exhaust might as well pump in more fuel and air too everything is in the kit .... new screws, jets filters .... you get it all

  4. tenvpazepall

    i'd like to GAK too but there is one thing i'm worried about. Last time i had the tank off on of the rubber "guides" that is under front of the speedo is cracked and it was a real problem getting it to set correctly. And this was awhile ago so I think I'm remembering correctly, if not its something that under that speedo that needs to set properly and it seems that I need a new one. Any ideas where I can get a new one?

  5. retzdaret

    If your talking about #35 on the pic linked below, they are $2.30 each at Bike Bandit. I had 2 of them get ripped. The new ones are a better design so they won't rip as easy. I bought spares though.

    To order:

  6. tenvpazepall

    Those are it!

  7. zbungj

    see now you have a reason to tear it apart .... hehe ... and if you decide to you can find help here

  8. lillyimi

    use super glue to hold it in place so it does not move ....

    or use silicon based glue ...i used super glue because it drys fast .

  9. CuzdomVzdar105

    Good Choice of pipes, have fun with them.


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