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Hard Krome/PCIII Results

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  1. Lucgj574

    Here are my results after adding Hard Krome RES-TECs and a Power Commander this week:

    First I added just the Hard Kromes. Everything else including the air filter was still stock. The difference from the pipes alone was dramatic - the engine runs so much more free and easy. Each shift point is at least 10-15 mph higher. Quite a difference.

    But the bike was running super hot (lean) with just the new pipes. The heat radiating from the engine and the new pipes was unmistakable, and I also had a little popping at acceleration - usually a sign that you're lean.

    The next day I downloaded the PCIII map for my specific situation - HardKrome straights with the stock air filter. The graph of the map made perfect sense as it calls for a richer mix at almost all RPM/throttle position combinations.

    Installing the PCIII was a breeze. With the PC installed the bike seems to run about the same performance-wise, but the biggest difference is that it's no longer running so hot. Heat from the engine and pipes is way down and popping is totally gone.

    Sometime soon I'm going to add a Thunder air kit. When I do, a tech guy at Dynojet recommended that I increase my map by 5%, ie: increase each point in the map by +5 to make the bike run even richer. If the 5% increase doesn't work well enough, he said to bump it up a point more at a time until I'm happy.

    All in all my sweet ride is getting sweeter all the time! Just wanted to share my experiences in case they'll help anyone.


  2. 7VSdar208

    How is the programming done? Is it like a chip for an OBDI car or, do you datalog with a handheld and up-load the specific tune into the bike's computer like an OBDII system (like DiabloSport or SCT)? I am intersted in doing the exhaust and air box mods soon. I don't particularly care to spend money on dyno time and tuning fees.

  3. Lucgj574

    Programming the PCIII is really easy. First, make sure you buy the correct PCIII model number and it will come preloaded with a map for your bike in stock configuration. Dynojet also supplies software that you use to manage maps for the unit. When you make changes to your bike, you can download a new map onto your computer from The software shows you the new map in a graphical form which shows how it will make the mix richer or leaner at each combination of RPM and throttle position. Then you simply plug a mini-USB jack into the PCIII and download the new map to it.

    A few notes:

    Dynojet doesn't have maps available for all exhausts etc, so check first to see what maps are there. In my case they had the map for my new pipes (HK straights) and they told me how to adjust that map for a Thunder air kit. If they don't have a map available for at least some of the mods you're considering, you might want to go another direction.

    Load the Dynojet software onto a laptop, not a desktop. That way you can leave the PCIII installed on your bike when you make subsequent map changes - just bring the laptop out to your bike, plug it into the unit and download the map.

    A lot of people are also happy with Cobra FI's so you should poke around on this site and others and you'll see a lot of info on the Cobra in case you want to go that route. I'm very pleased with the PCIII but all the Cobra users seem just as happy with the Cobra FIs. You probably can't go wrong either way as long as you do your homework first.

    Hope this helps.


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