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Hard Krome exhaust

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  1. rcortial4

    Getting ready to install a set of Hard Krome exhaust pipes on a 2006 vstar 1100 Silverado...Replacing a set of baron slip ons with a new set of pipes. Bike is still factory with original air flltering system and has not required the carbs to be rejetted. With this change over, will I need to have the carbs jetted? Just trying to get a little louder and a deeper sound hopefully... Anyone running these pipes on the 1100?

  2. yhennlj

    I have the 650, with the HK strippers, and ran for around 6 months without rejetting. After it was rejetted, I realized that I should have done it earlier. There was no damage to the bike however, the performance was suffering.Though I really can't say for the 1100, but if it were me I would go ahead and re-jet. I went with a Kury hypercharger. I will say IMHO, you can't beat the HK's for sound. I couldn't believe the difference they made on a 650. So, I can just imagine the sound you'll get out of em' on an 1100. Good luck with it.

  3. quicgmicg

    A question....are you planning on doing the intake anytime soon?

    The exhaust side doesn't effect the air/fuel mix as much as the intake. I probably wouldn't ride it for years that way, but you'll be just fine for a while. The HK's still have some pretty tight initial bends and it won't effect things too much (except noise levels of course).

    The intake side on the 1100 has a dramatic effect ... and it's mandatory that you jet when you do that.

  4. LiddleBen

    If you are replacing the entire system with a complete set of pipes I would rejet. Slipons are not usually a problem but more free flowing pipes are. You will be running lean. and performance will suffer as well as the chance of scorched valves etc. Changing the main jets is not all that expensive or difficult. A lot of aftermarket exhausts come with suggested jetting changes for thier particular exhaust setups..,L.B.

  5. zoc47408

    I have the DG Hard Krome 2 into 1 Sideburner on my bike for over 2 years. Awesome pipes. Look and sound great!

    Quick Mick's post is sound advice. I had a shop install mine and they recommended a BAK install and of course rejetting.


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