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Hard Krome Dual Radius

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  1. wzdarroddie

    Just ordered my Hard Krome Dual Radius exhaust and the Kuryakyn Subfender license plate bracket. The hardest part is the waiting!! Should i wait until the 600 mile service or slap them on. I didn't order any fuel managment yet. Going to see how the stock ECU handles it first.

  2. zginnj

    You'll love the Hard Krome's. I posted a youtube video after mine were installed. I (like you) have not purchased a fuel management kit. I've had them on for a while and really don't think I'll purchase one as it runs great without it. The finish is still holding up great and still look new.

    Good luck and post pictures once you get everything on.

  3. wzdarroddie

    any issues i should be concerned with? Did u lose any low end torque?

  4. zginnj

    Actually to be honest, I never noticed a difference only a much better sound than from stock.

  5. nkaraiterman

    factory ECU and O2 sensor will be work fine. If you get a power commander that will elimiNade the O2 sensor anyways unless you spend the other 250 for the auto-tune. i put cobra sweeps on mine and rode for 1000 miles before i got the PC-V. I would defiantly put them babies on and haul ass. its easier the totally remove the rear fender to put the new sub fender assembly on. send pics when you get finished. Good Luck


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