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Hands going numb? Help Please!

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  1. MiniMom69

    Hi everyone.

    I'm new to riding and have a 09 V-star 650 Classic. I started riding in August 09. My hands are going numb, particularly my throttle hand. It happens when I wear gloves and when I don't. It's not as bad when I don't. I'd love any help you can give me.

    I love riding my bike and my hubby is ecstatic! We both have Vstars and really like them. Went to our first rally this weekend...Party in the Pines in Longview Texas. It was a blast but nothing beats the feeling of riding on the back roads of East Texas!

  2. retzdaret

  3. fiktu

    I love my BrakeAway as I can set it and not have to keep the constant pressure with my throttle hand.

  4. hik4z

    I have been riding a long time, and I have had that problem with every air cooled bike I've ever had, 1, 2, or 4 cyclinder. Something about the secondary vibrations of the cooling fins I guess?

    Things you can do to help are:
    Cover the front brake with one or two fingers, not only a good idea for emergency stopping, but helps keep the forearm relaxed and increases blood flow to the hand.
    Get a throttle rocker, or similar device.
    Or if you don't like those get an afterMarget electronic cruise control.

  5. Liwezdeam5

    I noticed the same thing, now I take it as a reminder to loosen up my grip a bit. Have you tried different gloves?

  6. g2pirt

    I second the "brakeaway" device advice. Works like a charm!!

  7. MiniMom69

    Wow, thanks for all the advice! I have tried several different gloves. I have a throttle rocker type thing that I have not tried. I'd forgotten about it actually. I'll try that first. I read in one of the other forums about adjusting the handlebars. I'll try that after I try the throttle thingy. It's great to find a spot to talk bikes with other folks!

  8. omahaoranke

    How tightly do your gloves fit? As you wrap your hands around the grips the material will tighten, so a glove that is tight will only get worse. I had the same problem. In addition to the gloves, check the position of your wrist. What I do with my right hand is roll my wrist and use my fingers to manipulate the throttle until I'm up to speed, so when I reach the speed I want my wrist in its natural position, instead of bent up or down. As others have said, check your grip. You may need to loosen it a little. I don't remember the brand of glove, I got them when I got my bike. They have just a thin gel pad on the palm. Enough to pad, not enough to interfere with my grip. I also have the V-Star Classic (2008).

  9. BikRet

    I have never had a problem with my hands going numb, but my arms have gotten very tired and I get a pain in my upper shoulder. I blame the pain on my job but usually I just get up to speed and adjust my hands to be comfy on the grips. I don't think I've seen your new to the forum post so welcome to the forum ride safe and I hope you find the right leverage to keep your hands from going numb.

  10. hik4z

    Wow, thanks for all the advice! I have tried...

    As far as adjusting the handle bars, you should sit on the bike on it's center stand, (or have hubby hold the bike upright if you don't have a center stand) in your normal riding gear, back straight, close your eyes and put your hands and arms where they feel the most comfortable and natural. If you have a windshield this is about where you will want your bars, if no windshield, about 1 inch down and 1 inch forward. If you cannot get your bars at least close to where this shows they should be, you would benefit from different bars.

  11. Shebhertezz

    I used to have that problem and did several things that helped alleviate it. Here's some things to consider:
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  12. Are you riding with the "grip of death" on your grips?! If so, relax. I also got Iso Grips and they help alot - my grip isn't as tight and the grip is more padded to help reduce vibrations.
  13. When I'm on the highway cruising I rest my palm on the throttle rather than grabbing it. I have tried the plastic throttle assist but almost killed myself with it. It always got in the way and when I went to brake my palm was still resting on it giving the bike throttle. Poor bike didn't know what to do. I'm considering the Brake Away Cruise Control also as it disengages when you hit the brake lever.
  14. How is your posture? Are you leaning forward and therefore putting pressure on your wrist and hand? Adjusting the handlebars as already mentionned may fix that. I had to add pullbacks/risers to sit properly.
  15. Is your wrist flat when it's on the throttle - or angled. Angling your wrist can put pressure on the nerve. I wear a stiff leather bracelet/band to keep my wrist straight.

  16. Hopefully some of our answers will help! If not, keep asking for help...

  17. rekkae3

    These gloves help a

    I have these gloves but have a problem with them, on my right finger at the tip, they have two pieces sewn together and it rubs on the tip of my finger getting irritated as the miles role on. Didnt use them much when I first bought them then by the time I realized I was having a problem it was too late to return them. So far I haven't found a glove that helps may have to try the gel ones next. I have the brakeaway it does help just on hilly country it slows down going up hills as its a throttle lock not a electronic cruise control
    I might try risers next. Any one know of risers for the 950 that pulls them back but not necessarily higher?

  18. AiginudNY

    I moved my bars back 1-2 inches from stock with Baron DT risers, and tilted the bars down a bit. My wrists are in a very neutral position. I also have two "Cramp Busters" on so that as I ride I can relax my grip and they support the "heels" of my hands.

    No more pain in my shoulders either

  19. yhoower

    I have a technique that works for me. If I'm cruising for a long distance I curl my fingers around the throttle but put my thumb on top. I can't hold the throttle in place using very little pressure with my fingers. It does work best when I'm wearing gloves though.

  20. Shebhertezz

    Reggae, These are the ones I used on my 950: Pics of them installed: Do I need to do anything to my used bike? (BTW, the handlebar vibration I mention in the post was resolved. The mechanic didn't tighten the bottom two bolts.)

    Any of the motorcycle part websites should also carry riser/pullacks. Or your dealer.

  21. MiniMom69

    Okay, so I'm wondering, can you adjust your handle bars with no power tools?

  22. AiginudNY

    To adjust the handlebars you will need a small thin screwdriver to pop off the chrome covers for the hex/allen head screw that hold the clamps tight. Hold the handle bars while another person unscrews the four screws, don't take them all the way out. As the screws are loosened the bars will try to rotate, now you can rotate them up or down to feel comfortable. When you find that spot, hold the bars while the screws are tightened, good and tight. pop the chrome covers back on the screws to look nice and pretty.

    You may have to loosen and move the clutch and front brake levers, also with a hex/allen screws.

    If you need to move the bars back to you or away and you are not mechanically inclinded take you bike to a shop and tell them about changing your risers and where you want the bars to end up at.

    Your adjustments are:
    1) Rotating the handle bars
    2) Changing the height and/or pull back of your risers that the handle bars are mounted on.
    3) Changing the handle bars themselves for different rise and pull back

    Have you sat on the bike and held your hands at a position that feels comfortable without leaning and holding your arms up high?

    My hands used to get numb when I leaned forward and rested on my hands when I rode a cafe racer. My shoulders used to be sore from leaning forward and holding my arms up high on my present bike. I rotated my bars and installed risers that just moved the bard 1-2" closer. Now when I am cruising down the highway my hands are just resting on the handles.

    I am in a more ergonomic position, but can ride for hours. Now to get my seat to be more comfortable to last a full tank of gas is my next trick.

  23. ihswinney92

    my throttle hand does too. i told my boyfriend that is was happening, he asked if all my fingers except my pinkie finger, i said yes. he said i have carpol tunnel. bet you do too. i have the cruise assist, but it dont help much. some time i can stretch my hand out and wiggle my fingers on the brake.

  24. CJ3

    I readjusted my handle bars, moved my levers, changed gloves and to no avail. I went to a rally the other day and a guy told me he had the same numbness I was having. I ask him what he did about it and he said he losened the glove tightness around his wrist. Well DUH!. I did it and rode home w/o any problems. CJ

  25. veltwair

    The pain can certainly reduce your riding enjoyment. I have the same problem & the throttle lock sure helps. Gloves do not seem to help me.



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