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had a problem with my bike

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  1. wzdarmige

    i had a problem with my bike,the charging system.i ran through the test - thanks again to the gentleman who posted the test procedure for me,i really appriciate that!!!
    i charged the battery and checked the voltage with the engine running-14.3 v...all good...well....rode the bike around and checked the voltage accross the battery again,11.9v...not good...
    discussed the problem with a friend of mine,he explained to me the regulator/rectifier is bad-heat is probably causing it to not work correctly-he claimed it was common...ordered a regulator/rectifier,along with exhaust gaskets,the system on my bike,it will not allow clearence to remove the regulator.i also picked up a jardine remote oil filter kit-gonna put it all together tomorrow
    thanks again for the help guys !!

  2. wzdartan

    Good deal! Let us know how it works out for you.

  3. wzdarmige

    ok !
    dropped the exhaust,swapped out the regulator/rectifier.pulled that mess of an oil filter set up out of the engine,installed that remote mount kit-very easy straight forward job.changed the oil in the bike too...20/50 synthetic-nice !! fired up,check for leaks and check charging system voltage-all good took it for a quick spin 'round the block,checked the charging system output again,14.4v !!
    we're set !!
    that remote mounted oil filter kit is definatley the hot lick.real easy to change the filter now.i didn't like that chrome oil filter cover,so i left it off-that was the best $210 i ever spent.

  4. wzdartan

    Cool Now... Ride it like you stole it!!! Keep the rubber down


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