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Grinding noise from real wheel at slow speeds

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  1. bella lin193

    Hey guys I'm an F.N.G. just got my first bike which is an 02 650 custom.
    Been riding it for about a month but today went into a parking lot at about 5 to 10 mph and started hearing a grinding noise coming from the rear of the bike (wheel area). Has anybody ever had this problem or if you have any ideas on how to troubleshoot it. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  2. Bokobob95

    shots in the dark.
    brake shoes possibly?
    check fluid in rear axle assembly.
    only wild guesses.

  3. obxfshr58

    That's the first thing that comes to mind. Most likely brake related especially if the frequency of the sound changes with speed.

  4. bella lin193

    Thanks for the help guys. Since I'm not to good with drum brakes guess I'll have to bring to the shop. (I hope thats all it is and not the drive shaft problem I keep hearing about?!) Thanks again!!!

  5. gaston53

    Hi There -have you read the thread about "noise in rear wheel" a few items down from your note. There is a web site you can refer to to do a quick check on rear wheel alignment - see Bob's reply. I went through the same experience this week and found the noise related to rear wheel alignment and the noise caused by the splines being out of alignment. Also see page two of the various notes - regards gaston53

  6. gaston53

    Hi there - thanks for your note - I would not leave this but rectify the alignment soonest. What is happeninmg is that the two sets of splines - one on the wheel hub and the other on the final drive assembly are running at an angle and the noise you hear are the splines trying to climb over each other rather than meshing in a straight line. You could cause some damage here. If you can get hold of a torque wrench it is quite a simple procedure whitout even removing the rear wheel. It took me about an hour to correct my bike - follow the instructions of the website - hope this helps-regards gaston53

  7. gaston53

    Hi again - firstly I trust you are going to this site: You will note that all adjustments are made with the rear wheel not removed. You have to lift the rear wheel off the ground so that there is no weight on it. First follow the procedure of loosening and tightening the bolts in the right sequence. If the gap is still not equal all the way round then fit washers/ spacers as suggested. I had to use 2 x 10 mm washers x 2mm thick on the two top bolts as the gap at the bottom was smaller than at the top - this pushed the top of the final drive inwards and opened the bottom gap - regards gaston53.

  8. bella lin193

    Thanks for all your help. PROBLEM FIXED!!! It was the wheel that was out of alignment, didn't need to add shims just had to follow the directions on the final drive alignment procedure.

  9. gaston53

    Great news - thanks must go to Bob for showing us the web site - enjoy riding one of the greatest bikes ever made - I so enjoy riding my 12 year old bike all over the Zulu Kingdom at the bottom of Africa - regards gaston53

  10. luv2ride76

    I do drills in the parking lot at slow speeds. The drill and skill building motorcycle books I have read, including Ride Like A Pro, state every 20 minutes or so either stop the bike or ride it 20 to 30 mph to cool the brakes down. Before thinking something is wrong with your brakes try either of those brake cooling suggestions.


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