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Greetings from the North Georgia Mountains

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  1. crimsontide635

    Hello All,
    I'm Richard and live in the North East Georgia mountains. I have been riding for over 25 years and have owned everything from a Yamaha DT100 at 15 years old thru a 1985 Honda Sabre 700 thru a 1989 Kaw 600R Ninja to my current new 2009 Yamaha Stratoliner S. I found this forum in search of maint. information because I have been lead to believe that normal maint on the Strat can be a nightmare. From browsing the forum so far, It seems that many ideas on here will shorten my learning curve on this type. I am going to do my 600 mile service myself this week and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks

  2. NineMilez

    Welcome to the forum from Southern Maryland.

  3. retzdaret

    Welcome from Woodstock Georgia. Ride safe!

  4. yhoower

    Welcome to the forum from MN. Enjoy your new ride.

  5. SemberFiDavk

    Welcome from Middle Georgia !

  6. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from the other Southern Marylander

  7. quicgmicg

    Welcome aboard!

  8. yhennlj

    Well howdy, from another Georgia member. We are steadily growing in numbers, lots of Georgia folks in here, welcome aboard.

  9. zmogejyoe

    Welcome from Illinois. Lots of knowledge on this forum. Enjoy and be safe!

  10. micg10

    welcome to the family. congrats on the bike, enjoy and stay safe.

  11. yajare

    Welcome to the forum..........

  12. crimsontide635

    Thanks all for the kind words, already picked up alot of information that I am going to put to use this week. Ya'll stay safe

  13. BikRet

    Welcome to the forum from So. Fl, ride safe.

  14. tunc

    Welcome to the forum from downunder
    Enjoy the forum and ask if you have Q
    put one of your bike in the show your ride thread applicable to your bike
    it might be BIKE OF THE MONTH
    wheel Bearings

    and dont forget to vote in the poll
    in the Yamaha shop talk section

  15. Shebhertezz

    This is a great forum for info. You should post your question on the Strat forum b/c not everyone checks the Welcome forum regularly.


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