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  1. 1zdcor7

    Greetings all, I just purchased a 2003 Yamaha V Star 1100 today with only 190 miles on it. The guy dropped it just after buying it and he stored it in his garage. He took it to the dealer on consignment and it looks very nice. There's just a small dent in the tank and a couple scuffs on the front fender and brake reservoir. Other than that, the bike is in mint condition. I do have a question though, since it didn't come with the owner's manual. Since it sat for so long and now has 200 miles on it, should I still observe the break in procedures? It has already had two oil changes but the dealership did a complete 32-point inspection on it. If I do need to still observe the break-in procedures, what are they? I have no idea. I googled it to no avail. Any information would be helpful. I am no newbie to riding though. This is my 8th bike (6th cruiser (2nd V Star) and 2 sport bikes). It's good to find a new home =)

  2. JG6

    Congrats on the new ride! I would definately follow the break in procedures!

  3. 1zdcor7

    Thanks! But what are the break-in procedures? I don't know the proper way to break it in =)

  4. vgink18054

    go to
    you can view the owners manual online

  5. wzdartan

    Welcome to the forum! The break in is really no big deal. The general process is to change the oil after the 600-800 mile mark. Some will say to check the valve adj., but a lot of folks say that this is not really necessary. You can also check the carb. sync. Make sure the clutch cable is still adjusted properly. A dealership will tell you that they will also check the torque on all critical bolts/nuts. Change the rear diff. lube. It may not hurt to run some sea foam through the carbs if the bike has sat that long, especially if it had old gas in the carb bowls. I would also check the air cleaner to make sure no critters have invaded that area and left debris. It doesnt hurt to take a look at the plugs, just to be sure the a.f.r. is close. Check the tire pressure and inspect the tires. They are probably ok, but again the bike has been sitting five years. most of these items should have been looked at if the dealership did an inspection, but it may be worth checking yourself. I beleive there are a lot of places on line that you could get a copy of the service manual if you search. Maintenence beyond that is about the same as any other bike. Good luck and enjoy. The V Stars are nice bikes!

  6. 1zdcor7

    Well, I just found the owners manual on line and it was helpful. The only thing I was worried about was it said not to put an excessive load for the first 1000 miles. Well, I took my fiancee for a ride (she's not fat). I guess with us both, we weigh about 345. Would that be an excessive load? I hope nothing will happen to the engine.

    Mr. Worried

  7. beaze

    I would not worry about riding two up. by load I think they mean riding it hard. you can call yamahaand they will send you an owners manual. if the bike has had 2 oil changes I would not worry about a thrid til you have put some miles on it 1000?.

  8. quicgmicg

    Welcome to the forum! A great bunch of people here that can answer most any question. I've used them a bunch!



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