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Granucci Seats

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  1. md950

    Up for sale is a Granucci Seat - Driver and pasenger seats. I bought these seats used and theay are like brand new! They fit the 1100 & 650 Vstar.
    They are in great condition. I am selling them because my butt dosen't fit the seat. These don't have any gel padding and are a little too hard for me to ride. I put them on my 1100 to see how they felt and never drove with them. These seats are over $400.00 new - I would be glad to sell them for $200.00 + shipping charges from 59801. I can send additional pictures - please email: Thanks for looking!

  2. Nidhhokr

    I'm not sure that the seat is interchangeable with different makes and models. You should check that just in case. I would hate for you to sell it to only have the buyer comeback with a complaint. I know that most and maybe all seats for the 1100 Classics are different from the 1100 Customs. As far as the 650 I would almost bet they are also different. Maybe review the Catalog #'s to possibly verify.

    GOOD LUCK with your sell.


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