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  1. zaldjtok36

    I got the floor in so I put the Dragsters on!

  2. yjmmjyajmez

    The floor looks nice, is that laminate pergo? We are thinking of the same thing. I unfortunately have to wait for nexr year's tax refund to get myself some pipes. Sighhhhh, will make it all the sweeter..when it happens, that is.

  3. zaldjtok36

    I got the floor at Sams Club. Its made by Pergo but doesn't have the Pergo name. It has a really solid feel I think because the padding is attached to the back.

  4. matcruser

    Congrats, both look nice (pipes and floor).

  5. Datillac

    Should have taken a pic of the bike "on" the floor. Just sayin


  6. Svomacg

    I have a couple of guys that I rider with and they have these Cobra 40" staggers on their Raiders and man do they sound good. Loud with a great rumble.

  7. zaldjtok36

    The sound is great. My 13 year old son helped me put the pipes on and he really loves the sound. He says it feels like a chopper is flying over the house when I "fire it up" in the garage. And ya know I just may take a picture of the RedRaider on the floor. I mean I could watch T.V. while I sit on it......

  8. LozdDok

    or you could sit on the tv while you admire your RedRaider


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