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  1. yajleaw

    I was out shopping today for a new bike, and found myself in a Yamaha shop, checking out a new Raiser S. It was candy red with flames. It had the Yamaha straight pipes on it(I really think Yamaha needs to fire their pipe designer) that really looked good and sounded Awesome ! Other than that it was bone stock. Salesman told me he wanted 14,700 $ for it. Not sure what y'all paid, but that sounded sort of steep.


  2. aeon384

    Yeah, that's high. There's another thread on here where everyone seems to be getting ridiculously cheap Raiders well below the sticker price of 13,000, I'm not sure how, I assume they are lucky enough to live somewhere with multiple Yamaha dealers within driving distance and playing them off each other for a bargain.

    Anyway, your guy is charging more presumably because it has the straight pipes on it, but he's still charging more than the MSRP + Pipes MSRP. So... shop around or haggle.

  3. rate18

    There's been a lot of talk of prices, etc on the other string. I only had a couple shops to go between in ND. I ended up paying MSRP for my Raven Raider. The other shop wanted $400 on top of MSRP for shipping and assembly. I don't feel bad that I could have got the bike a few hundred dollars cheaper somewhere else... My points follow.

    A. It's a toy
    B. What's a few hundred dollars when financed out?
    C. What's a few hundred dollars when you're going to be throwing $2k+ worth of accessories on it?

    I told the salesman it wasn't a question of whether I could afford it or not, because that is definitely not an issue. It was just whether I really wanted to upgrade now or wait a year for a holdover (which now looks like there probably won't be any ) Anyhow, I'm glad I bought it now, and I'm happy with what I paid, and I'm not going to sweat it!

  4. tocdorvho

    I got 1000 off sticker for my red S. Will be here tomorrow. I had to go to a dealer about 3 hours away from me though. There are a lot of dealers here in Charlotte but they either didn't have any or wanted sticker.

  5. yajleaw

    I think on Yamaha's web site MSRP is 13999, so 14k is msrp, and 700 for the pipes is more than what they should be sharging(imho) but it sure does sound good !


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