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Good place for to order bags?

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  1. bolxc5

    Where's a good place to order saddle bags? My wife decided she liked taking overnight trips after all so now we need some bags.

  2. TOWERPC404

    When I had my Suzuki I bought bags from and they were excellent bags. Heavy duty and looked great. When I bought my 1300 it came with the factory bags but if it hadn't I would have bought the same ones I bought for the Suzuki.

  3. psgthru73

    Motorcycle Superstore has a pretty wide selection and good prices. Go to the mfr site to find your bag first, then google it to find the best price.

  4. cbdklowal

    On the inexpensive end, there's - they have a pretty wide selection.

  5. BuppaKahuna

    Good cheap bags (including big ones) are available at Jafrum. They're not lined and framed like more expensive bags, but they're certainly worth more than they sell them for. My wife had some heavy leather bags with reflective piping all around the edges from there on her 650 Classic and they were shockingly good for a measly $49.

  6. EasyRider1

    I'll 2nd Jafrum. I bought studded bags for my Marauder there for $79.99 and they were huge and waterproof. Had 'em 3 years and loved 'em. Check their bags out at



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