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  1. girgnt1zbt

    I currently have Vance and Hines Cruzers on my bike. I love the pipes, but with the bobbed fender and all, I want some shorter pipes. So, me being stubborn and believing I can come up with something myself without spending money, Im thinking of cutting up my stock pipes. Basically, right before they flare out to the muffler, hack them off, hack off the pipe that connects the two pipes together, wrap them with some black exhaust wrap, and put them on the bike. Only thing is, I dont want it to sound like crap, and I dont really want to have to rejet (got the GAK and 127.5's now, my GAK kit came with the 127.5's and 130's by accident, I dont have any smaller jets I can use).

    However, if this doesnt work, or if yall convince me its a stupid idea, Im gonna build some new pipes from scratch, just dont know what size pipe to use. Unless someone wants to trade some Short Shots for my Cruzers?

  2. madhat70

    I can't help you with the pipes, but jets aren't that expensive... what, 7 bucks? Saw that crap off! Cut it at an angle, too... make them some mitre pipes!

  3. girgnt1zbt

    Yeah, jets are cheap, but I dont want to spend any money if I dont have to. Im cheap lol

    Already started hacking them up. Gotta get the welder out tomorrow to finish them though.

  4. madhat70

    Good stuff man, take some pics.

  5. CPTAmerica

    My pipes are gutted and hacked and I have no problems with them sounding like crap or the bike running like crap.

  6. girgnt1zbt

    Well, I rode around some yesterday, and I like the sound of the pipes, so Im gonna finish them. Heres a couple pics of how they are now. Ive still gotta cut the last piece of heat sield off the rear pipe, and cut all of it off the front pipe, as well as cut off whats left of the crossover pipe and weld up that hole. Then wrap both the pipes and put them back on. I may get them done by next weekend, I dunno, Ill be pretty busy all week.

  7. retzdaret

    They actually look pretty cool already. I can't wait to see them done. How did it run? if you need the 125 jets, I got an extra set you can have. Are you putting the battery cover back on or did you have an idea for that area too?

  8. girgnt1zbt

    Its actually running fine, Im gonna keep the 127.5's in it.
    And the battery cover is back on it now, had a fuse blow while I was messing around with some things, so I had the cover off to get to the fuses.


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