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Going to spend dome $$ on my 650 classic

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  1. jacobdavid661

    Hello all. I just joined and just recently got my new 650 classic. I have a few ideas of what I want to do with it, such as new forward controls, new exhaust, air intake and a lower profile seat. There will most likely be more down the road but that's what I am thinking right now. So I ask, what/who would you suggest for each of these items? I know Jadine has a set of forward controls, but is there any other? Thanks for any and all help!


  2. Mondj

    Welcome, Matt, and congrats on your new ride. If you will do a search (upper right hand corner of the forum home page) and just enter whatever item you wish to get advice on, you will be able to read for hours (lol) about the various items you are requesting. Good luck in your quest.

  3. AbdominalmachiV

    check ebay for 4 and 6 inch extenders

  4. jacobdavid661

    Thanks guys! I will be searching the site for everything listed. Another question though. Without a tac, what is typical mph you would up/down shift? I have really just been going on how it sounds more than anything, but I also think i read somewhere that it is a high reving motor. Any insight is appreciated!


  5. Smirg17

    GREATINGS and WELCOME from New Mexico. I know you will love your 650 as much as I do mine.

    I have heard (read here) that the bike idles about 11,500 to 12000. Hope that helps.

  6. OpaTheRider

    Thanks guys! I will be searching the site for everything...

    Someone else posted this here a little while ago. Just select the bike you have, put in the speed you want, and it will calculate your rpm for each gear.

  7. wforider62

    Smirg17 I think you mean 1500-2000 RPM.

  8. jacobdavid661

    Opa thanks for the reply. That has some useful info about what my RPM relative to my MPH, but it didnt really help me in terms of when the best time to shift is.


  9. yhoower

    Welcome to the forum from MN. You'll find all the advice you need on this forum. Ride safe.

  10. bluesjr87

    Someone else posted this here a little while ago. Just...

    This is very cool ^^^^
    These rpms, and the 1500-2000 idle speed don't surprise me. I thought my idle was high, but assumed something was wrong. This will help me relax about it. I'm getting used to this hi-revving motor though, the more I run it.

  11. jacobdavid661

    Thanks for the welcome yhoower. I actually just moved away from MN to sunny-year round riding-florida.

  12. yhennlj

    There are sooo many aftermarket parts for the 650, and we have such varied taste in here, it would be diffucult to sum up an answer for you in a few lines. If you find something you like, but are unsure of the vender, post em' up in here, and I'm sure you'll get some feedback about em'. As for the shifting, I've always gone by the feel, and sound. A carry over from my days as a truck driver. Keep in mind though, these bikes are built for high revs. but will stutter out if you get em' to high. So don't worry about damaging anything. Just grab another gear, and keep on riding

  13. yhennlj

    Almost forgot...Welcome to the forum from South Georgia

  14. jacobdavid661

    Alright, can anyone tell me if the Jardine forward controls are any good? easy to self install? how much more forward are they than the stock floor boards?

    Also, What is everyone's take on the kuryakyn hypercharger kits?

    Still looking into seats and exhaust. might end up doing that gel seat mod, but idk yet.

    On a side not, I just laid my bike down for the first time. nothing too serious luckily. I was leaving my condo and had to cut through the grass because i was blocked in. The grass was a little too wet and i gave it a little too much gas. End result was some road rash and shaken nerves, but all is good and the bike seems fine.

  15. Smirg17

    I believe your're correct. Wonder where I got that figure.



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